National Geographic Magazines

National Geographic Magazine Back Issues

National Geographic is one of the oldest and most prestigious monthly magazines still in print. Known for its lush photography, its well-written articles, and its iconic yellow border, National Geographic magazine has enchanted and enthralled readers for more than 100 years. Back issues spanning the entire history of the magazine are often available as collector's items.

What is the National Geographic magazine?

National Geographic is a monthly magazine produced by the National Geographic Society. It has a particular focus on public education. National Geographic magazine covers a wide array of different subjects, including geography, history, science, and culture. Some of the topics it has covered in the past include the evolution of dogs, covert operations during World War II, the psychology of the teenage mind, the story of Apollo 11, the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the Soviet-Afghan War, the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and the Italian island of Sant’Angelo. The magazine is neutral in its politics, but it is also an outspoken advocate on environmental issues such as deforestation, pollution, global warming, and species preservation.

The magazine has approximately 6.7 million subscribers worldwide. Each issue is published in almost 40 official languages, including Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, and Finnish. However, many of the foreign language issues only began circulation after 2000. The English version of National Geographic magazine has been in continuous circulation since 1888. Although it was originally conceived as a scientific journal, National Geographic magazine has almost become synonymous with its high-quality nature photography. The magazine first incorporated black and white photographs in the 1910s and color photographs in the 1930s.

How many issues has National Geographic magazine published?

The entire history of National Geographic magazine encompasses around 1,500 different issues. Although past articles are available to subscribers through the digital archives, many collectors seek out physical copies of the magazine to add to their collection.

Does National Geographic publish anything other than its flagship title?

Yes, National Geographic publishes various map supplements, special editions, books, and travel guides. In 2001 National Geographic released a CD-ROM containing every highly-detailed poster-sized map supplement published between 1888 and 2000. In addition, National Geographic publishes two children's magazines: National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Little Kids. It also publishes National Geographic Traveler, which is aimed at avid travelers, sight-seers, and globe-trotters, as well as the classroom magazine National Geographic Explorer and the history-focused National Geographic History. These magazines are still committed to the main mission of the National Geographic Society, but their articles are oriented toward niche audiences.