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Nail Tek Nail Care Files and Implements

Filing and shaping your nails can help them have a cleaner, healthier look. Nail Tek crystal nail files are designed to file your nails smoothly without ripping or tearing the nail. Their crystal surface is gentle for natural nails yet also has the durability to care for painted and gel nails.

How do you use a Nail Tek crystal nail file?

Nail Tek crystal nail files have a design that is both simple and easy to use. However, there are a few tricks to crafting beautiful nails using crystal files. They include:

  • File in one direction, lift, then repeat.
  • Apply gentle pressure with the nail file.
  • Slide it evenly over the tip of the nail.
  • Hold the nail file flat against the nail.
  • Avoid using water as it is unnecessary and can actually dry out the nails and cuticles.
What nail types can you use Nail Tek on?

While Nail Tek products are designed with natural nails in mind, they can also be used on artificial ones as well. This means that they can be used to shape gel and acrylic nails. However, keep in mind that gels and acrylics may dull crystal files more quickly than naturals would.

What is a Nail Tek finisher file?

A natural nail is the result of either genetics or a finisher file. Nail Tek finisher files buff out imperfections to create smooth, reflective surfaces. They not only shine in the light, but will also hold acrylics, gels, and standard polish well, too.

How do you choose nail care implements?

Your nails can become stronger and healthier with the right care. To select the right nail care implements for you, consider the following:

  • Choose a type - Nail Tek offers buffers, crystal nail files, and other implements.
  • Choose a grit - The grit determines how rough your nail file is. However, crystal files don't need to have a grit as they're naturally gentle and effective.
  • Choose a length - Crystal nail files come in purse-friendly sizes to longer styles that allow you flexibility.
  • Choose a style - If you're using the nail file for shaping, choose a shaping file. If not, any style will do.
  • Choose the look - Nail Tek Nail Care products are styled with Swarovski crystals and classic colors, making them fun to use.
How long do crystal nail files last?

With proper care, your Nail Tek files can last for years. Be sure to always store them in their protective cases to prevent them from being damaged or breaking. You should also use soap and water to clean them, making sure to use a scrub brush to remove any nail debris that may have been left behind. It is also recommended that you use an antiseptic spray to keep your files clean in between uses.

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