NFL Autographed Jerseys

NFL Autographed Jerseys

Autographed football jerseys feature the signature of NFL athletes from a variety of teams and in a variety of different styles. Some jerseys come alone, while others can come framed. Others may also come with a certificate of authenticity, proof that the autographed piece is authentic, and similar documentation.

Where do football players sign their jerseys?

Typically, athletes will sign the product on the back where their number is located. The color of the ink used for autographed items is chosen to ensure that it stands out against the surface of that person's jersey. For instance, a Carson Wentz autograph can be in black ink on the white number, while a Rob Gronkowski jersey can be signed in silver on the blue number.

Which football teams have athletes with signed memorabilia available?

There are signed products for purchase from teams such as the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers. A handful of the other teams with autographed football jerseys include the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, the Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49ers.

Are autographed jerseys available for retired NFL athletes?

Yes, they are. In addition to jerseys signed by current players, there are autographed memorabilia available from retired NFL football players such as Joe Montana, Joe Namath, and Earl Campell. While many may remember Mike Ditka as the coach of the Chicago Bears, he also played football for them. This is why you may also be able to find a Ditka autographed jersey.

Do signed NFL jerseys come with a certificate of authenticity?

NFL jerseys that have been autographed will likely come with a certificate of authenticity, or COA. In some cases, they may also come with a letter from James Spence Authenticity, which is an organization that verifies autographs to determine that they are real signatures. Football players' autographs may also be verified by Tristar Athletic.

What does an autograph on football memorabilia consist of?

Signed NFL jerseys generally consist of the football player's signature as well as his number underneath it. In some cases, the football player who autographed the memorabilia may add a short phrase such as "Super Bowl champs," like with the Steve McMichael number 78 autograph.

What type of NFL jerseys have autographs on them?

In addition to traditional home and away NFL jerseys, a football player may also sign throwback or other customized memorabilia. For instance, a Brett Favre throwback Green Bay Packers jersey in all green with a yellow stripe on top is one such piece. There may also be autographed Eric Dickerson throwback Rams NFL jersey with the light blue and yellow stripes that the football team wore in the 1980s and 1990s.

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