NERF Dart Guns & Soft Darts


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NERF Guns and Soft Darts

NERF guns are plastic toys that dispense soft dart ammunition made out of foam. The toy guns as well as the foam darts come in a variety of sizes and colors.

How do you select a NERF blaster?

There is a wide range of toy blasters from which to select, and considering their characteristics can help you pick a gun for your playing needs.

  • Size: from handheld up to 5 pounds
  • Priming style: on the side or at the back
  • Reloading style: front-load, cylinder, or magazine
  • Ammunition capacity: from one-at-a-time pistols to high-capacity machine guns
  • Ammunition shape: darts, discs, or balls

How do you match foam darts to blasters?

Before taking a shot, you must have the right kind of ammunition in your NERF blaster.

  • Elite: compatible with clip systems and many guns, including most N-Strikes
  • Elite Suction: works in devices that fit standard Elite foam darts
  • Mega Dart: used with N-Strike Mega toys
  • High Impact Round: balls for RIVAL gear
  • Discs: compatible with select toys, including Vortex
  • Dart Tag: used in retired Dart Tag items

What is the recommended age for NERF toys?

The manufacturer recommends that most NERF blasters and bullets be restricted to children ages six years and up. Some are intended for eight years and up. Of course, there is no maximum age for enjoying NERF games.

How do you take care of NERF darts?

Proper care will help you maintain your NERF ammo supply.

  • Use the right type of ammo for your blaster. Taking a shot with the wrong kind could jam your NERF guns and damage the foam pieces.
  • Do not let your NERF darts get smashed or misshapen. Don't load damaged ammo into your gun or blaster.
  • Do not leave your ammo outside or expose it to inclement weather. It should be kept dry.

What distances and speeds do NERF guns shoot?

The NERF N-Strike Elite Centurion achieves distances of up to 100 feet. Another blaster is the Rival Khaos, whose bullets can fly at up to 68 miles per hour. Also noteworthy is the N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster, which can spit out 144 rounds in a time of just 30 seconds.

What does NERF stand for?

It refers to the padding used in off-road racing but also can be called "non-expanding recreational foam" in relation to the darts.

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