Enhance Your Sound With a Multi Zone Amplifier

If you want to listen to music in a few different areas of your home, then you may want to consider a multiple zone amplifier. Multi zone amplifiers are designed for use in home audio systems to help give you the crisp highs and lows of the music that you are listening to or playing without adding unwanted distortion to the audio. The right multi zone amp for your music setup can be a breeze to find, especially if you know what to look for in your new audio equipment.

What type of multi zone amplifier can you purchase?

When you purchase a multi zone amplifier for a home audio system, you are going to need to decide how many zones you want the music to reach. In general, most people decide to choose a multi zone amp that has more zone options so that it can amplify your music in a larger space. However, if you have a smaller space, you may want a device with fewer zones. eBay features a wide selection of multi zone amplifiers for sale at various affordable prices depending on the model and your needs. Some of the common ones that are available include:

  • 4 zone amplifier
  • 6 zone amplifier
  • 12 zone amplifier
Can you control a multi zone amplifier with an app?

A common option to control a multi zone amplifier is via an app. Several options are available that allow you to group speakers, control the volume in the different zones, and determine how much the highs and the lows are amplified. These apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

How can you connect with a multi zone audio system?

When you connect your new multi zone amplifier, you are going to need to use some method to communicate with your speakers. There are multi zone amplifiers with Wi-Fi that you can use in your home. This option will give you a relatively quick transfer of information, especially if you have high-speed internet available to you. The other option, which is becoming more common, is to use Bluetooth to connect. A multi zone amplifier with Bluetooth 4 will connect to most devices within 200 feet of the amplifier.

What multi-room amplifier brands should you consider?

When it comes to amplifiers, there are a myriad of brand options to choose from on eBay. The brand that you choose will vary based on your musical needs. Some of the brands to consider include:

  • Sonance
  • Control4
  • Sonos
  • SnapAV
  • Sony