Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests

Mouse Mats and Wrist Rests

Mouse mats are a home or office essential to accompany your computer. This small but handy device allows your mouse to move smoothly across the screen whilst increasing your comfort levels. There is a huge selection of mouse mats available to suit home and office use. Wrist rests are also ideal for extra support and are perfect for people who spend several hours at a computer. You can also personalise your mouse mat with unique images or choose from a range of colors to suit your personality.

For Home and Office

Mouse mats and wrist rests are ideal for both home and office use. There is a range of colors and styles available depending on your requirements and you can match the color to your office decor themes with a stylish range of patterns, designs and shades. If you are looking for the ideal gaming mat, there is a selection of large mouse mats with anti slip features that offer the perfect accessory for a gamer.

Ergonomic Mouse Mats and Wrist Rests

Many mouse mats provide an ergonomic and comfortable support for your hand and wrist during mouse use and help to reduce common ailments, such as repetitive strain injury. You'll find a range of mouse mats with built in wrist rests plus separate wrist rests which can be used in front of the keyboard. There is a selection of sizes and styles available from traditional square mats to ergonomically shaped mats for ultimate comfort during long usage.

Personalised Mouse Mats

Choosing to personalise your mouse mat for your home or office desk is a perfect memento. Personalised mats add a unique touch to gift giving and you can choose any image or design to create the perfect computer accessory. There is also a novelty and character mouse mats available which offer a personal touch to your home office.