Mounted Bull Horns

Choose Mounted Bull Horns Like a Champ

Southwestern decor in Native American designs has been a mainstay of many cabins, mansions, and even suburban homes. eBay can help you can find the specific style of mounted bull horns. You don't need to be intimidated by choosing mounted bull horns as eBay is the place to help guide and educate your purchase at an affordable price. 

Evolution of traditional mounted bull horns 

Originally, most people acquired new or used mounted bull horns mainly for wall decor and design. Much like a mounted deer head with antlers or a mounted prize fish, this bovine crown hung on the walls like a trophy and was an excellent catalyst for conversation. Today, there are a myriad of ideas to research for different and ingenious ways to use your bull horns. 

What are the sources of these mounted bull horns? 

The first irony is in the name "bull horns" because not all these pointed, elongated appendages came from bulls. Most of the skulls and horns come from the Long Horn breed. The cows grow these lengthy horns as well, and some of them can reach a span of six feet across. There may be skulls and horns available from other breeds as well, but they may not be as long, and they are not as readily available. Check out the huge selection of new or previously owned horns on eBay to find what you need. 

Mounted bullhorns vs. steer skulls with horns 

You might find that you prefer your decorative bullhorns to still attach to the original "steer skull" for a more natural and rustic option, and that is an option. However, there is a large variety available that have been micro-polished and mounted on a varnished wood or platform. 

Decorating with mounted bull horns 

Bullhorns have historically been displayed in the form of a mounted trophy or wall design. Here are some of those ideas:  

  • Obtain the classical, traditional mounted bull horns and use them to adorn your walls. Better yet, let them serve as a hook for your cowboy hats.
  • Get crafty and find directions and patterns to make end tables and surfaces using the horns as the "legs."
  • Use a single bullhorn to make into a megaphone as this voice amplifier is known as a bull horn.
  • Use these hard, cone-like natural resource to make everything from light fixtures, bench legs, and mounted floral vases.
  • Some folks have shown favor to this design by adorning the front grill of their Cadillac with bull horns.