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Motorcycle Lighting Indicators

Motorcycle indicators are lights that signal to others where you are on the road and what you are doing. The indicators may consist of a halogen, incandescent, or LED light bulb. The motorcycle indicators are required to be on certain parts of the vehicle, including the headlights and tail lights as well as turn signals, hazard lights, and fog lights.

What features do motorcycle lighting indicators have?

  • LEDs: Motorcycles produced since 2010 typically have LEDs as their pairs of lights. LEDs are recognized for their high level of brightness and their low level of energy consumption. LED lights release a minimal amount of heat and offer a universal attachment for the motorcycle's existing light assembly.
  • Range of brightness: Manufacturers of motorcycles have some leeway about the range of brightness of their indicators. The minimum brightness requirement for the motorbike indicator lamps is 150 candelas if they are to be used as braking lights. If the bike indicator lamps are to be used as daytime or running indicators, the minimum brightness requirement is 80 candelas. There is no upper limit for the brightness of the LEDs, but most manufacturers stick with an LED maximum of 300 candelas.
  • Minimal battery drain: LED indicators for a motor bike drain a minimal amount of power from the battery. If you leave your bike's headlights on accidentally, they are unlikely to drain all the power from the battery.

What functions do LED motorcycle indicators serve?

  • Brake lights: Because LEDs glow so brightly, they are often used as brake lights. The bright red glow of the brakes gives drivers, particularly those in cars and trucks, enough time to slow down as they approach you.
  • Turn signals: The indicators are often used as turn signals. The turn signals may be blinking or sequential in their functionality.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The glowing lens enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle from a distance. A kit with black lenses is often used as decorative lighting elements.

How do you install LED indicator lights on motorcycles?

Although LED indicators have a long lifespan, you may need to replace one or both of the pairs of indicators. To wire a new pair of motorcycle lights, you will need a motorcycle light kit, 18- and 20-gauge electrical wire in two colors, hook and loop tape, soldering gel, wire terminals, and electrical tape. Begin by testing the indicators to ensure that each LED works. Disconnect the motorcycle's battery. Follow the location instructions on the installation kit. Select a comfortable location for the switch, such as near your handlebars. Attach one part of the self-adhesive hook and loop tape to the strips of lighting. Attach the other part of the hook and loop tape to your motorcycle. Connect the wiring to the battery, matching positive with positive and negative with negative. Splice in a fuse and solder the switch to the battery's positive terminal. Connect the grounding wire with one end touching the motorcycle's metal frame.