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A Guide to Buying Motorcycle Lifts and Stands

When you need to get your motorcycle in the air, you need a sturdy motorcycle lift or stand for the job. The equipment makes it easy to work on your bike and keeps the wheels off the ground. To find a stand that meets your needs, you should understand the various affordable options that are available on eBay.

Why do you need a motorcycle lift?

Unlike standard automobile jacks, a motorcycle lift has a slim profile to raise one or both tires of the motorcycle, making it easier to repair. A few models double as a stand so you can keep your chopper off the pavement during the winter months. Since motorcycles require a little more maintenance than their four-wheel counterparts, having one available could prove invaluable.

What types of lifts are available?

There are two types of lifts: wheel lift stands and table lifts. Within each category, you will find a variety of models with different configurations. Some lifts have a mechanical device for raising and lowering of the bike, and others use hydraulic pressure. The lifting height, loading capacity, and locking device will vary per style and manufacturer.

  • Wheel lift stand: With this style, you secure the motorcycle to the lift and use the control to boost the front, rear, or both tires off the ground.
  • Lift table: This apparatus allows you to roll the motorcycle up a ramp and move it to a table.
How do you secure a bike to a motorcycle lift?

Because styles differ per manufacturer, you will need to read the instructions that accompany your model. The most important thing to remember is to make sure to fasten the bike before storing or performing repairs. Some units require the use of blocks to help keep the bike locked into position, while others can stand without additional support.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a lift?

The lift you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the weight of your bike. Also, consider whether you need a lift to work on more than one bike and if you will use it for storage. Thinking about these options beforehand will help with your purchasing decision.

  • Versatility: You will need a tool with a range of capabilities if you plan to work on different bikes. Opt for models that have adjustable features and can handle different attachments.
  • Weight: Check the load capacity to make sure the equipment can hoist the bike. Also, verify the weight of the item so you will know if you can move it around or if it needs to remain in one place.
  • Performance: The way a lift operates can make a world of difference. You will find manual and air models with a foot pedal or crank, as well as hydraulic scissor lifts.