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Toyota Camry Motor Mounts

The engine in your Toyota Camry goes through much stress over the course of its life, but it also puts stress on other parts of your car like the motor mounts that keep it stable. Over time these components will start to crack and tear, ultimately breaking down leaving your Toyota engine to shake and jostle about. If you have been noticing excessive engine noise, vibration, or movement, then you need replacement motor mounts.

How are the motor mounts in your Camry made?

The basic construction consists of a steel cylinder piece with a bushing to absorb and dampen the kinetic energy coming off your Toyota car's engine. This piece is bolted into the engine and connected to the frame via a bracket. There are different materials for the bushing depending on how much comfort versus performance you're looking for in your Camry.

  • Rubber motor mounts: These are the most common type of mounts used and the ones your Toyota car came off the factory line with. The bushing is able to absorb noise and vibration off the engine, mitigating what you feel inside the Camry.
  • Polyurethane motor mounts: If you want to trade off some of the noise and vibration dampening abilities of rubber for higher performance from your Toyota Camry, you might want to consider polyurethane motor mounts. Polyurethane is a stronger and less flexible material meaning the engine can't move around as much.
  • Solid engine mounts: These are high performance products that are usually used in cars made for racing or for show. They are solid metal-on-metal motor mounts that keep the engine of your Toyota Camry firmly in place.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket?

Once you decide on which type of motor mount you want to put into your Camry, then the next decision is whether to use the Original Equipment Manufacturer or purchase aftermarket products. The original manufacturer of your Camry is Toyota, and all those parts come through them. Aftermarket is an umbrella term to describe every third-party company that makes parts for your vehicle.

Toyota makes parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle and are guaranteed to work with the vehicles they’re designed for while aftermarket companies make high-quality parts that can fit multiple makes and models that share similar designs. One other thing to take into account is that some types of motor mounts might only be available aftermarket as Toyota doesn't make them.

How do you replace motor mounts?
  1. Make sure nothing coming off the engine of your Toyota Camry will catch on the frame when you lift it. Secure all hoses, wires, and lines.
  2. Lift the jack until it touches the engine using blocks of wood between the two to secure it.
  3. Remove the bolts holding the mounts on your Toyota Camry in place and then go underneath the Camry and remove the hardware securing the brackets.
  4. Lift the engine just enough to slide the mounts and brackets out.
  5. Compare the new motor mounts for accuracy and then install them and thread the bolts. Lower the jack slightly and tighten everything down on your Toyota.