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Morgan Dollars 1878-1921

Known as numismatics, coin collecting is one of the most popular global forms of collecting, and one of the numerous coins that collectors enjoy adding to their collections is the Morgan dollar (1878-1921). These coins were only struck during a certain date range and are a valued part of any serious coin collection.

Defining the Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)

Though the Morgan dollar has a date range of 1878 to 1921, that's a bit of a misnomer since it actually only minted from 1878 to 1904, and again once more in 1921. As its name implies, the Morgan dollar has a face value of one dollar, though a variety of factors can cause these coins to have a much higher value than it first appears. The Morgan dollar takes its name from United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan, who designed it as a replacement for the Seated Liberty dollar after being authorized by the Bland-Allison Act.

Choosing Morgan Dollar Coins

While shopping for the Morgan dollar coins that can serve as the perfect addition your collection, you can take advantage of multiple search options that can aid you in shaving your choices down to only those that meet your specific wishes. For instance, you can shop by the date that the coin was struck as a means of completing your collection of Morgan dollars (or even to start a new on) or by the specific mint at which the Morgan dollar was struck. Serious numismatists can also narrow their choices by certification or grade.

Give Some History as a Gift

Morgan dollars (1878-1921) can also make impressive gifts. For those friends or family members who are enthusiastic numismatists, gifting them with one or more Morgan dollars can aid them in growing their collections to new levels. You might even choose to personalize your gift by giving them a Morgan dollar struck the year that they were born or struck at the mint that corresponds to the city where they live or in which they were born.

Dropping Some Coin on Morgan Dollars

When you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one who's a coin enthusiast or are looking to grow your own new or existing coin collection, find the exact coins that you're looking for amongst a wider inventory than you might see at the local coin shop. Morgan dollars not only make an excellent addition to a coin collection, but they are also a way to travel back to a specific time in American history.

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