Monies Jewelry

Make A Statement With Monies Jewelry

Jewelry is a very individual taste. Some people like their jewelry understated, and others like it bold. If you like your jewelry bold and made of natural materials, then you should consider Monies jewelry.

What materials are used in Monies jewelry?

Monies uses natural materials to make their jewelry. The list is quite long, so only a few are mentioned.

  • Stones: This list includes rutilate quartz, as well as regular quartz, turquoise, citrine, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, amethyst, chrysoprase, and aquamarine.
  • Petrified: They use both petrified wood and sharks tooth.
  • Trees: Different kinds of wood and amber.
  • Miscellaneous items: This includes things such as baroque pearls, ammonites, antlers, and mammoth tusks and bone.
Geometric and other shapes of Monies jewelry

This jewelry comes in many different shapes. Many of the pieces have a geometric shape, such as the pyramidal shape of the Gerda Lyngaard designer faceted geometric ebony Lucite necklace. Some of them have a more elongated shape, such as the Gerda Lynggaard monies massive gold foil ebony wood stretch bangle bracelet. There are round, oblong, and many odd shapes of beads. One very interesting shape is found in the Gerda Lynggaard Monies massive clear lucite stretch bangle bracelet.

Monies jewelry styles

Styles include necklaces with a single strand of stone, beads, or other material. Others are fashioned of many strands. These strands can be all the same type and color or they can have strands that are each of a different material. This is evidenced in the VTG Gerda Lynggaard Monies horn bone wood bead strand couture runway necklace.

Earrings are often very large. Many of the styles are comprised of two stones. This can be one below the other or linked, as found in the NWT designer Monies black ebony and gold foil linked rings clip on earrings. Bracelets can be found in the form of stretch bracelets and bangle bracelets. There are also a few that come with a fastening device, such as the Vintage Danish Monies Gerda Lynggaard bracelet with wooden fastening cream beads.

Can you find vintage Monies jewelry on eBay?

Yes. There are many pieces of vintage jewelry to be found. In the form of earrings, once such item is the vintage rare Gerda Lynggaard Monies clip on earrings, which feature an amber resin and black tone. One of the vintage necklaces is Monies runway necklace made from buffalo horn. You can also find bracelets on eBay, such as the vintage Monies Gerda Lynggaard mother of pearl statement bangle bracelet.

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