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Mixed Media and Collage Art

Different types of artwork, even on the same wall, can look connected without each piece fighting for attention. For example, entirely dissimilar mixed media and collage art pieces can integrate seamlessly when placed side-by-side. Framed and matted abstract and contemporary art made from wood, glass, and metal blend into one, giant representation of integrated artwork. Discover this visual art form on eBay where artists combine more than one medium in a single piece.

What Materials Are Used?

Mixed media artists use several materials at one time to express a theme or feeling. They may apply fabric, wood, and acrylic in a series of layers to achieve a texture and image that's visually pleasing to the eye. Artwork may contain sea shells, gold leaf, clay, or other objects.

Decoupage art may include:

  • Insects;
  • Flowers; and
  • Other mediums, which we glue onto paper or other surfaces.

An artist could shape small pieces of wood into an appealing design or create a robot sculpture from metal and wire. These two and three dimensional designs, considered direct opposites of other types of art, command a strong following.

What Styles Are Available?

An art style reflects a person's personality and passions. Choose distinct designs like Charles Fazzino's use of silkscreen serigraphs, which offer lots of visual interest. Pop Art such as his can suit someone who loves surrounding themselves with colors. You'll find 3D art that consists of hand-cut pieces glued, assembled, and possibly signed. Vintage pieces may incorporate a mixture of rhinestones, gold tone jewelry, and glass to create a one-of-a-kind, high heel stiletto surrounded by a shadow-box frame. Among the numerous styles available, you'll find one or more that you love.

What Else Should You Consider?

Decide if you want to purchase original art, limited edition pieces, reproductions, or a mix. You could collect a mixture of subjects, styles, and materials to build a comprehensive collection of mixed media and collage art. You may decide to follow an emerging artist and watch their work evolve as you also develop into an art connoisseur. Most art serves as a conversation starter when entertaining guests who may also be art collectors. A fantastic-looking piece displayed in a prominent area is sometimes all you need to ignite conversation.

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