What is Mitsubishi Known For?

Building its reputation on affordable and reliable cars, Mitsubishi doesn't disappoint. Over the years, this car creator has manufactured multiple car models that not only look sporty but offer high performance at a budget price as well. Mitsubishi has won multiple awards over the years and continues to produce reputable vehicles.

What are some of Mitsubishi's top-selling cars?

Over the years, Mitsubishi has produced multiple noteworthy cars.

  • The Galant, first imported to the U.S. in 1987, is one of the brand's longest-selling and most successful cars. The vehicle has won Car of the Year, and though it's evolved through the years, it's considered one of the brand's most successful mid-sized sedans.
  • Another popular model is the Lancer, which has been around since 1973 and is available as a sedan or as a wagon.
  • Mitsubishi also offers the sporty Eclipse, which is the company's only coupe. You can also purchase the Eclipse as a convertible.
  • Some other Mitsubishi models to investigate include its crossover SUV, the Outlander, as well as the four-door Mirage and its electric hybrid, the Outlander Phev, which is launching in 2018.
What are some features of Mitsubishi cars?

Though the price point of Mitsubishi vehicles seems low when compared to other types of cars, it is still able to offer several engaging features. From a roomy interior to a luxurious exterior, the cars have much to offer drivers on a budget. A built-in entertainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and syncs with your iPhone to give you hands-free calling ability as well as access to music, apps, and a GPS. Mitsubishi prides itself on fuel efficiency, and its models are known for good gas mileage. A rear camera helps you to park and keeps you aware of the cars around you, while keyless entry makes it easy to hop in your car without digging for your keys. Fog lights, automatic A/C, and heated front seats are just a few luxurious features that make driving convenient and easy.

Does Mitsubishi focus on safety features?

Mitsubishi offers a great deal of bang for your buck, and when it comes to safety, it doesn't skimp. The rearview camera is one safety feature and gives you a wide-angle view of what's behind you when you pull out, while Active Stability Control (ASC) provides your car with added traction, reducing skids on the road. Each car comes equipped with multiple airbags in the front and on the sides of the car to keep everyone aboard protected, and bright halogen headlights increase nighttime and fog visibility.

What else does Mitsubishi manufacture?

Even before Mitsubishi was producing cars, the company had been going strong since 1917, producing an array of equipment, including ships, aircraft engines and parts, railroad cars, and machinery. Mitsubishi was already one of the largest companies in Japan, and though it had built cars here and there, it began focusing its energies on massive auto production in the 1950s. Mitsubishi is now partly owned by Nissan and is the sixth-largest Japanese automaker.