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What are 35mm Film Cameras?

Minolta 35mm film cameras use light exposure to take pictures. Minolta Maxxum SLR cameras and others that use film are designed for use with a variety of film types including 4x5, 8x10, Advantix, 220, and others. The camera body style of an SLR 35mm camera is different than that seen in digital cameras.

How do film cameras work?

The Minolta SLR camera with film is quite simple to use. Disposable models are often used at weddings by guests to capture off-guards of the couple. The camera is pointed at the subject to capture an image. It takes only a few seconds to aim, focus and shoot. The shutter quickly opens to allow rays of light to pass through. This process produces an inverted picture onto the film. Photographic film is made of thin plastic that extremely light-sensitive. It is essential that there is a balance between the light and the film for the photo to come out perfectly. Here are a few features of film cameras:

  • Viewfinder: most Minolta 35mm have a viewfinder feature which permits the user to view the picture before snapping. It gives a vague image of what the picture will look like once developed.
  • Flash lamp: this feature provides the flash in dark settings to produce a quality photo.
  • Self-timer: many Minolta cameras are equipped with self-timers to allow a subject to photograph themselves without help from another person.
  • Rangefinder: compact models like the Leica measures the distance of the object being photographed for accuracy.
  • Point-and-shoot: a simple aim and snap technology that captures the image for future development.
  • Auto-exposure: this focuses automatically.

How do you remove film from the Minolta 35mm camera?

It is necessary to remove the film from the camera for processing. The removal process takes less than a minute and can be done with very little instruction. If not removed properly, the film could be damaged and the images destroyed before being printed. There is usually a case or plastic roll to store the film in until it is ready to be developed. Here are a few steps to remember when the roll count has been depleted and ready for development:

  • Click the film-release button located on the bottom of the camera.
  • This button should be pushed before attempting to rewind the film. It is important to complete this process before attempting to remove it from the camera.
  • Lift the rewind lever and turn in a clockwise motion.
  • Continue to wind the lever until it clicks.
  • Release the back door of the camera and lift the roll of film to remove for developing.

What kind of cases are available for 35mm film cameras?

The 35mm film camera may last for a long time before all the film is used. It is a nice touch to have a bag or case to store it for protection. Choose a bag based on the style, size, and conditions in which the camera will be primarily used. Leather bags are easy to care for and keep clean. Nylon bags can stain easily and may not be as easy to clean as leather. There are a variety of cases available for Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and many others. Many of them are universal and can store more than one brand of camera. Universal cases are available for the following models:

  • Minolta MD
  • ST-T
  • Vintage Cameras
  • X-300
  • X-700
  • X-370
  • X-7A
  • XG-1
  • XG-A
  • XG-M
  • Rokkor-PF
  • Minolta SR-T