Keep Your Things Safe With A Mini GPS Tracker

Investing in a mini GPS tracker is a great way to protect what is yours. Whether something has been lost or stolen, small GPS trackers can help you locate where it is. eBay offers an abundance of small GPS trackers so that you can find one that suits your needs.

Where can a mini GPS tracker be installed?

A small GPS tracker can be installed or placed just about everywhere, depending on the brand's intended use. Some mini GPS trackers are to only be used in vehicles, motorized scooters, and motorcycles as additional installation is required. Other trackers can be placed in purses, attached to a bicycle, or connected to a dog's collar. MiniGPS trackers that do not require installation to a vehicle typically need a SIM card. Mini GPS trackers are meant to be discreet, so you can place one in the pocket of a loved one such as an elderly parent or young child.

Can you receive location updates on an electronic device?

Yes, you can receive location updates from a mini GPS tracker on an electronic device. Many trackers allow you to access the device remotely via smartphone or tablet. You may also receive location updates and speed alerts via text message and email. Some devices alert you when the tracker leaves an expected place, like school, at a time when the tracker is expected to be there.

What features can a mini GPS have?

Mini GPS trackers offer a variety of features including:

  • Real-time GPS: Real-time GPS allows you to monitor where the tracker is at all times. Some also allow you to view the route it has taken on Google Maps.
  • Tracking Plans: Tracking plans allow you to customize how often you would like to receive location updates, ranging from every 60 seconds to every five seconds. Whether you care for an elderly loved one or have a child in school, you may want consistent updates so that you are aware of their location via the tracker.
  • Historical Data and Custom Reports: Historical data allows you to view data at a later point in time. If you want to ensure your teenage child is at school, you can check the historical data or even have a custom report made.
  • Audio Monitoring: Some mini GPS trackers feature audio monitoring so that you can listen to whatever noise there is near the tracker. These types of trackers do not illuminate any light or make any noise, ensuring its discreetness.
  • Waterproof: Many GPS trackers are waterproof so that you can attach it to a book bag, dog's collar, or bicycle without it getting damaged by the rain.