Space-Saving and Snack-Saving: Mini Fridges for the Home, Office, and Dorm

Mini fridges are dorm room, office cubicle, and man cave staples. These compact refrigerators come in all sorts of sizes, styles, and colors. Models are available with a variety of features, including crispers, movable shelves, freezers, and automatic lights.

What Mini Fridges Work as a Kegerator?

A number of companies have models that are specially designed for kegs, excellent for the space that sees a lot of party traffic. Insignia, Danby, and Media make single-tap kegerators that will keep your keg nice and cool. Danby produces an especially small model at 5.2 cubic feet.

What Features Does a USB Mini Fridge Have?

With just enough room for one or two cans, these tiny desktop coolers are perfect for keeping beverages (or lunch) cool on the job. These fun fridges get their power from a USB cable. They can be powered from a USB cable connected to your computer or even a car cell phone charger. Some models have the capacity to both warm and cool.

What Features Do Black and Decker Refrigerators Have?

Some have a glass shelf inside its body and additional storage room on the door. They can also come with a freezer compartment and thermostat control. The door of the unit may also be reversible. Adjustable legs allow you to balance the appliance on uneven surfaces. Many Black and Decker refrigerators are available in black and white.

What Features Do Kenmore Compact Refrigerators Have?

These typically have two glass shelves and an automatic light. A convenient can rack makes it easy to organize food storage in this compact appliance. Some models let you keep your veggies fresh in a handy pull-out crisper. The freezer capacity of these handy refrigerators is usually around 1 cubic foot. They can even have enough room to hold 2-liter bottles. Put them to work in a small dorm room, or keep it at home.

Do Avanti Counterhigh Refrigerators have a can rack?

Yes, many of these fridges have a rack on the door that can hold six cans and an interior light. The door typically has enough space to store a 2-liter bottle or a gallon jug. They can also have pull-out crispers for vegetables. The door on some of these Avanti fridges is reversible and lockable.

What Features Do Igloo Mini Refrigerators Have?

Some Igloo models have a bottle opener built right into the side and cute retro styling. They usually have enough space for a 2-liter bottle and a .25 cubic foot freezer compartment. An adjustable wire shelf makes it simple to create the storage space that you need.

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