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Milwaukee Cordless Drills

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is a manufacturer of hand tools, cordless power tools, and similar devices. Its line of M12 and M18 cordless drills are powered by an internal battery rather than an external power source. Because of its compact cordless construction, workers have the freedom to roam around for a limited amount of time without the need to find a plug.

What is the M18 cordless system?

The M18 cordless system is a line of professional-grade, compact power tools that provide cordless mobility on the job site. The tools feature an ergonomic grip, 18-volt motor, and lithium-ion battery. This M18 tool group includes a wide variety of drill options, such as cordless drills, hammer drills, hammer drivers, short throw presses, floodlights, drill drivers, copper press jaws, and many other cordless tools and chargers.

What are differences between the M18 and M18 Fuel line?

The M18 Fuel line features three pieces of technology in a single package to enhance performance: the Powerstate Brushless Motor, the REDLITHIUM Battery Pack, and the REDLINK Plus Intelligence hardware. Here is a look at some of these noteworthy features in detail.

  • Powerstate Brushless Motor: The Powerstate is a type of brushless motor. In a typical brushed motor design, a magnet is rotated to create physical motion. The brush is the part of the motor that reverses the polarity of the electromagnet to keep it spinning a full 360 degrees. In a brushless motor, however, a semiconductor controls the motion of the magnet instead of the brushes. Milwaukee designed the motor with steel and copper instead of wearable brushes to decrease the heat buildup and friction. This creates a high torque to weight ratio and improves reliability.
  • Redlink Plus Intelligence hardware and software: This system integrates communication between the tool, battery, and charger to minimize power loss. It comes in a compact computer chip.
  • REDLITHIUM Battery Pack: This battery pack is designed to minimize downtime, meaning the length of time spent recharging the tool instead of working. The REDLITHIUM batteries are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as wintertime drilling.
What are the cordless M12 tools?

These cordless tools belong to the subcompact 12-volt cordless tool family. These tools are similar to the M18 line, but they use an more compact design. A 12-volt version of the M18 Fuel is also available. Like the M18 Fuel, the M12 drills are equipped with a variety of exclusive features, including a Powerstate brushless motor, REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, and REDLITHIUM Battery Technology.

Do the cordless drills come with a charger?

Some power drills do come with a charger already included. If it only includes the tool, however, then that means the charger is sold separately.

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