There are various methods available for firmly attaching two pieces of metal, but the tightest connections are those made by way of welding. Miller Welding has a number of different machines for welders to employ their trade, as well as accessories and other equipment to facilitate the fusion process.

What is welding?

Welding is a process by which a machine heats two pieces of metal to the point of joining them by melting together. Some additional metals may be added to strengthen the bond, and electrical or chemical processes can be added to the process for specific applications. This is a common process in industrial building and design.

What welding machines does Miller offer?
  • Miller Welding MIG welders (or Gas Metal Arc Welder) use a spool of metal wire that feeds through the gun and acts as an electrode. The wire is fed through the MIG welder at a preselected velocity while an electrical current creates a current between the wire and metal base creating bonding the two. Miller MIG welders give precise welds, mitigating the amount of slag buildup around the welding surface. They are designed for welding steel, aluminum, and other metals and can weld material with a 26-gauge thickness (3/160”).
  • Miller Welding TIG welders (Gas Tungsten Arc Welders) are also arc welders but use a spool of tungsten that does not get used up during the fusion. A shielding gas (usually argon) is spread throughout the weld area which mitigates instances of any atmospheric contaminants from intermingling with the welding process. The current passes from the Miller welder through a column of ionized metal vapor called plasma. TIG welders work with every sort of metal besides cast iron and are also designed to make very precise welds. Because of their precise welding ability, Miller TIG welders can handle welding sheet metal of a 26-gauge thickness.
  • Stick welding is an older style that has many residential applications. Instead of a spool of wire, Miller stick welders use a metal rod to complete the fusion process. They are more simplistic in design when compared to their MIG and TIG counterparts, and they are also versatile in that these Miller welding machines will work in drafty outdoor areas as well as creating solid connections on dirty or rusted metal. Miller stick welding is suitable for thicker gauged metals that exceed 1/16” and will work with steel, stainless, and cast iron.
What are other products does Miller offer?
  • Gloves, gauntlets, masks, bandanas, safety glasses, and other parts are all available to reduce the risks associated with welding.
  • Some jobs require larger gas-powered generators if there is no power source on site, and these generators can be too large to fit in the back of a truck. In these cases, there are trailers custom-made to haul these generators to and from the job site. They are custom-built to lock the generator in place.
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