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Xbox Series X

Gaming in 2020 took a leap into the next generation with the release of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles from Microsoft. The Xbox Series X console comes at a time when gaming is on the rise and people are looking for the next big advancement in gaming technology. The Xbox X is here to deliver with advanced gameplay and a bright future in console gaming.

Xbox Series X Graphics and Other Specs

The Xbox Series X is equipped with AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures, and DirectX ray tracing maximizes graphics. The frame rates of up to 120 fps with HDR and true-to-life 4K take your graphics even further. The console also features up to 1TB in SSD storage.

The Xbox Series X is here to enhance your gameplay experience through many different upgraded features, including its backward compatibility, which allows you to play the newest releases as well as classic titles from the past four generations of Xbox consoles. The Xbox X also has a smart delivery system that enables you to buy an Xbox-supported game one time and always have the most current option on whatever console you choose to play. There is the new Xbox Series X/S development kit as well. Any games made with this kit have highly reduced load times so that you can get to playing faster.

Xbox Series X Controllers and Other Accessories

The Xbox Series X console comes with an Xbox controller, the console, and an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable. Other accessories you may want to get for the Xbox Series X include a wireless headset to communicate with other players while gaming, an additional wireless Xbox controller, and chargers or a charging pad for your controllers. You may also find a storage expansion card to be useful if you want more space to download all of your favorite games.

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