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Increase Gaming Enjoyment With Microsoft Xbox One Racing Wheels

Add a new dimension to your driving games with a Microsoft Xbox One racing wheel from eBay. By using a steering wheel instead of a keyboard, joystick, or other games controller, you can make your racing simulator experience more realistic.

Microsoft Xbox One racing wheel connectivity

As long as you choose a compatible racing wheel, set up is easy. The wheels are designed to be attached to the console with a USB connector for a simple and effortless installation process. Usually preloaded with the necessary drivers for set-up, you just plug in your gaming wheel and follow the on-screen instructions. The console and wheel will then work through the set-up procedure so you can use your new mini wheel straight away.

Are there multi-console options?

Yes. If you have more than one console, it is possible to find racing simulator steering wheels that are compatible across many platforms. The coding is in the wheel's chip, and it will recognise the console that it has been plugged into, preparing the wheel for use.

What accessories come with a gaming wheel?

The steering wheel is the main accessory that enhances the driving experience, but some come as a kit with authentically spaced pedals for braking and accelerating. The pedals are foot-operated, just like the real thing, and can make the on-screen race feel more authentic. They also come with gear sticks that can look like manual transmission shifts or they can be discreet levers mounted into the steering wheel. The latter allows you to change gears with a finger, and without having to move your hands from the wheel.

Advantages of Microsoft Xbox One racing wheels

Although you can control your racing game with a keyboard or joystick, racing game aficionados often prefer the added functionality of a racing wheel. Benefits include:

  • Greater control: When you are using keyboard keys or a small joystick to manoeuvre a vehicle around a race track at high speed, it is easy to lose concentration and send your car into the crash barriers. A steering wheel allows for greater control because it is an authentic car control system.
  • Subtle movements: A slight turn of a steering wheel can allow you to make subtle and nuanced movements to squeeze past an opponent in the race; movements that are not possible with other games' controllers.
  • Rumble feature: Many driving games have features that are only fully accessible with the use of a racing wheel. This includes a rumble feature which causes the steering wheel to vibrate or shudder under your hands should you wander off the race track. This enhances the driving experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the environment.
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