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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Video Game Controllers and Attachments

The Xbox is a video game console and entertainment center manufactured by Microsoft. Its wired controller offers multiple modes of operation. They are not limited to standard "Y," "B," "A," and "X" spreads, with many games having their own unique configurations.

Who manufactures these controllers and attachments?

Xbox 360s are made by Microsoft, and the company also manufactures its own wired controllers and attachments. Some attachments may consist of a mouse, band instrument components, driving game steering devices, and others.

Are there different colors available?

There are actually hundreds of color options available in the realm of Xbox controllers and attachments. They range from solid colors such as red and black to ornate and multi-colored entries.

How should you clean these controllers and attachments?

First, you will need to ensure that the device is completely detached from any and all electrical components. You will then need to gather the supplies needed for the task. This may include a duster, a non-abrasive rag, water, and a diluted all-purpose cleaner. If the controller or attachment is just superficially dusty, simply wipe it down with the duster or rag. If more intensive care is needed, dampen the cloth with water or a diluted all-purpose cleaner. Clean the unit of any debris by using a circular motion.

Many controllers or attachments will have conduits that plug into an Xbox 360. These portions of any product should be cleaned with a can of compressed air. They should only be cleaned with a damp cloth if it is absolutely necessary. To avoid a hazardous electrical incident, be sure that the unit is fully dried before you plug it back in for use.

Are the components backward and forward compatible?

Xbox 360 controllers are backward and forward compatible to an extent. In order to work with the Xbox One, you will need an adapter. This is also true if you are trying to make an Xbox 360 controller work with an Xbox console. Many companies produce adapters so that you can make an existing controller perform with your chosen game.

How do you connect controllers to the Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 controllers attach to an Xbox console via a USB port. This is also true for many other attachments, such as the Guitar Hero guitar or the Forza steering wheel.

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