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Microsoft Xbox 360 Video Game Batteries

With Xbox 360 video game batteries from Microsoft, you can charge your game controller, which will then allow you to play games untethered to a cable. The batteries for these controllers are designed to last for many hours on a single charge.

Why does the Xbox 360 need rechargeable batteries?

It does not actually need rechargeable batteries. Xbox 360 controllers can connect to the gaming system using a USB cable. Wireless connectivity is provided as an option of convenience so that you are not tethered to the base while playing a game. If you choose this option, then you will need a battery pack in order to provide power to the controller. Accessories for the Xbox 360 that can function in this manner include:

  • Gamepads.
  • Flight sticks and arcade sticks.
  • Media remotes and big button pads.
  • Rhythm game controllers.
  • Headphones and headsets.
How do standalone batteries and battery packs differ?

Almost all Xbox peripherals that require a battery use the AA type. Most controllers and other accessories actually require two or more, and a battery pack is an optional alternative that assists in the tasks of installing batteries, removing them, and recharging them.

What options are available for recharging?

There are a number of different recharging solutions available for the Xbox 360. How you charge your batteries will depend on which product you choose. They include:

  • Standard batteries: These require a standalone charger.
  • Battery packs: These can be charged by wiring the controller to the Xbox.
Are there alternatives to wiring directly to the Xbox 360?

There are cradles, docking stations and other accessories that accept devices directly and have their own power supply connected to a wall outlet. If you place your gamepad in a docking station when not in use, the rechargeable battery inside it will recharge automatically for you. Note that there are also kits available that include everything you need to use, charge and dock your Xbox 360 wireless controller or other peripheral. Charging options include:

  • Charging stations.
  • Charging cables and adapters.
  • Single-controller and multicontroller bases.
How long does an Xbox 360 battery take to charge?

The charging time depends greatly on the battery capacity and the technology being used. A typical rechargeable battery will take about seven to 10 hours to fully charge from being fully discharged. Solutions with larger capacities will take longer but there are fast-charging options that can offset this. A powered system will last longer than the recharge time, and since the average gaming session is far shorter than seven hours, it usually is not difficult to keep powered accessories topped off.

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