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Power Your Microsoft Surface Pro with a New Charger

The Surface Pro is part of a line of two-in-one detachable computing devices from Microsoft. These devices use their unique chargers to get battery power. You can browse through the broad selection of Microsoft Surface Pro chargers on eBay to find the type of cable you need with the features you want.

What kinds of chargers can you get?

eBay offers several types of cables that work as Microsoft Surface Pro chargers. Each cable has some unique features that you might find useful. You can look through the whole list eBay offers or use the categories in the sidebar to find the type of Microsoft Surface Pro charger you want. Some options you have are:

  • Standard: This one is the regular Microsoft Surface Pro charger. You can plug it into a wall outlet to send power to the Microsoft Surface Pro's battery.
  • Car: If you need to charge your Microsoft Surface Pro during travel, this cable has an adapter that should work with your vehicle.
  • Sync: Some Microsoft Surface Pro chargers can sync data between your devices while your two-in-one tablet recharges.
  • Combo: A combo charger works in a standard wall outlet or in your vehicle.
Do the chargers come in different versions?

The company's Surface Pro tablets are available in several variations, with Microsoft Surface Pro chargers designed for compatibility with specific generations of the tablet. If you would like to ensure compatibility between your device and the charger you purchase from eBay, you can check the model or version of the Microsoft Surface Pro you own and purchase a charger that fits that device. You can search for a charger that matches the specific model of your Surface Pro tablet. You can also get a charger that matches your tablet's generation, such as a Microsoft Surface Pro 1 charger or a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 charger.

What are some features of Microsoft Surface Pro chargers?

Most chargers for the Microsoft Surface Pro come with a few convenient features. Some models may include additional accessories. The basic features you will find are:

  • Magnetic connectors: A magnetized strip snaps into your Surface Pro's charging port quickly and easily.
  • LED indicators: Built-in lights on the charger can tell you when your Surface Pro has no charge, a partial charge, or when it is fully charged and ready for use. You can disconnect the Microsoft Surface Pro charger from the device when the light is green.
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