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Michael Kors

Michael Kors makes all sorts of different products, including men’s and women’s accessories, clothing, and homewares. MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags are available in various styles, including shoulder bags, totes, large crossbody bags, leather satchels, and wallets. These products are frequently made from different types of leather in a wide variety of colors and often include the signature MK seal to denote the particular brand.

What types of Michael shoulder bags are available?

MICHAEL Michael Kors shoulder tote bags come in a variety of different styles, including single strap, dual strap, and crossbody. These styles of Michael Kors handbags vary widely in size and shape; some are rounded on the top to create a dome silhouette while others are structured and resemble more of a rectangle. Outside pockets provide a place to put essentials that need to stay within reach, like a cell phone or wallet, while inside pockets in your Michael bag provide a more concealed space for documents or personal items.

What kinds of totes are available from Michael Kors?

Michael totes comprise both short leather straps for carrying, like a briefcase or across a wrist or forearm, as well as a longer leather strap for slinging over an arm. File folders, laptops, and other work or professional materials can usually fit inside a tote. MK totes and leather satchels range in pattern, color, and style. Patterns include the MK signature seal. Materials include leather, snakeskin, and woven straw. Some MICHAEL Michael Kors totes include embellishments like metallic accents while others feature sleek silhouettes.

What sorts of crossbody handbags exist in the Michael collection?

Large crossbody handbags from MICHAEL Michael Kors typically have a relatively small composition with a long, leather strap to literally cross the body, over one arm down to the opposite hip. These crossbody bags are available in leather and embossed leather.

What kinds of Michael Kors wallets and wristlets exist?

Michael Kors makes different sizes and shapes of wallets and wristlets, similar to bag designs. Some Kors designs are small and square-shaped, while others are longer and resemble rectangular envelopes with a flap closure. Zippers, snaps, and card pockets are all common features in these MICHAEL Michael Kors products and are typically outfitted in different sorts of leather and other materials.

How do you care for MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags?

Leather cleaner can be utilized to clean most Michael Kors products, including Kors handbags, totes, wallets, and wristlets. Consult the instructions on the particular leather cleaner that you are using for specific instructions for how to treat your MICHAEL Michael Kors leather products.

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