Mexico Coins

Understanding Mexico Coins for Your Collection

If you are an ardent lover of collectible items, especially coins, you can enhance your collection with the affordable Mexican coins for sale on eBay. Just like when adding to any other antique collection, to understand what you are missing and decide what to buy next, you must have basic knowledge of the story behind each coin. Here is some information that can help you understand what you have on your hands with these particular coins.

Timeline of Mexican coins

The first preowned Mexican coins for sale are from the early 1700s. This was about the time of the first settlements by Europeans. The coins from that period are mainly silver. Many of them originate from shipwrecks, as the major form of transportation in those days was ships. There are coins from the Spanish rule over Mexico as well as ones from the reign of King Charles III over the establishing colonies at that time. During this age, there are many pirate treasure coins. In the early 1800s, the coins continue to be colonial with the faces of the Spanish rulers that owned the colonies at that time. By 1824, the coins were produced by the First and Second Mexican Republics. The circulation of these two Mexican empire coins is intervened by a short batch of coins from the Empire of Maximilian that existed between 1864 to 1867. From the beginning of that century, the first independence coins were minted by the newly forming country. Modern Mexican pesos produced by the sovereign nation of Mexico are available from 1905 onward.

Can you obtain certifications of authenticity?

A Mexican coin's worth is backed up by specific certifications of authenticity. Although uncertified coins are just as authentic, you may want to go that extra mile to prove your Mexican coin values. Certifications are:

  • NGC
  • PCGS
  • ICG

The difference between circulated and uncirculated Mexican coins

You can find both circulated and uncirculated Mexican coins worth money. Uncirculated coins are those that have not been in the possession of owners prior to the one selling it to you. They are new Mexican coins being sold from their places of storage. Circulated coins have been in the possession of many before coming to you. Uncirculated coins have less wear from being touched by hands. There might be damage but not from being touched. These are usually graded between MS60 and MS70. As it is expected, their uncirculated condition makes them more expensive Mexican coins.

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