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Metaphysics is a branch of knowledge that studies existence. Mysticism, holistic healing, crystal stone energy, ancient religions, divination, or the paranormal can be labeled as metaphysical studies. Metaphysical studies sometimes involve the use of tools or other aids such as crystals and tarot cards.

What are some different types of crystals used in metaphysics?

Crystals are a common metaphysical item that frequently appear in metaphysical studies or practices. They are valued in metaphysical studies for different qualities, colors, shapes, or properties. Crystals can appear in their natural shapes as raw stones, or they can be polished, tumbled, or sculpted.

  • Quartz: An abundant mineral, pure quartz is a white and colorless crystal stone. Quartz crystals can sometimes be shaded by mineral impurities that give the crystal stone colors such as amethyst or rose.
  • Citrine: This is a yellowish variety of quartz, though the existence of natural citrine is rather rare. The stone typically comes in shades of yellow to yellow-brown like topaz.
  • Carnelian: Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone related to chalcedony, a stone used for beadwork and decoration since ancient times.
  • Azurite: Made of weathered deposits of copper ore, azurite is a rich cobalt blue stone.
What are crystal balls used for in metaphysical studies?

Historically associated with divination, crystal balls are simply transparent spheres. Sometimes crystal balls are made of glass or stone. Crystal balls are a metaphysical item designed for aids in meditation or personal insight.

What are the different types of tarot cards?

Tarot cards originated in Europe in the 1400s. In a tarot card reading, an individual comes to a reader with a metaphysical question about existence, life, love, employment, family, or other relevant question. The random cards dealt from the deck are then read and interpreted to provide insight or answers. In most decks of the tarot, the metaphysical imagery on major and minor cards is heavily symbolic. Three of the most frequently-used tarot decks in include the following:

  • Rider-Waite: This deck dates from 1910. Illustrated by Pamela Coleman-Smith, it is one of the most frequently used decks for metaphysical insights in Europe and America.
  • Tarot of Marseille: Dating from approximately 1499, this is one of the oldest types of tarot deck.
  • Thoth Tarot Deck: This deck, developed in the late 1930s, was designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris.
What is a voodoo doll?

A "voodoo doll" is a term referring to a small doll or representation of a man or woman into which pins or sharp objects have been stuck. Despite the name, the voodoo doll does not play a prominent role in the Haitian religion of Vodou.