Metalworking Supplies

Metalworking Supplies For All Your Metalworking Needs

Whether you have a machinist's shop or are a metalworking hobbyist, you will need certain metalworking supplies, tools, and machines to carry out your jobs. Keeping these items in stock can be expensive, but luckily, you can easily find inexpensive used metalworking items on eBay.

Basic metalworking tools

For any type of metalworking, you will need basic metalworking supplies and tools. These are common tools used in metalworking:

  • Calipers - A caliper is used to measure the distance between the sides of an object. The measurement can be read on a dial, a ruled scale, or a digital display.
  • Dial Test Indicator - These dial indicators have a dial display of a clock face with clock hands that point to graduated circular scales on the dial.
  • Edge Finder - An edge finder is a steel tool used to locate the edges of a workpiece. They are attached to a milling machine.
  • Engineer Square - This tool is used to check if a workpiece is square. It is comprised of two straight rulers attached at a right angle.
  • Crescent Wrench - Crescent wrenches have a fixed jaw and a moveable jaw.
  • Ball-peen Hammer - This type of hammer has two heads: one rounded 'peen' head and one flat head.
  • Soft Hammer - A soft hammer has interchangeable faces of plastic, rubber, aluminum, copper, or nylon. They are designed to not damage surfaces.
  • Automatic Center Punch - Center punches are tools with a conical point that are used to make a dimple in a workpiece. An automatic center punch does not need a hammer.
  • Thread Mills - A thread mill is inserted into the hole along the axis of the spindle and is used to create a screw thread.
  • Milling Cutters - These tools are used to remove material from a workpiece. They are used in a milling machine.
  • Broach - Broaches are cutting tools used in a lathe or screw machine to remove material from a workpiece.

Types of metalworking supplies

Along with tools for metalworking, you need supplies to carry out your milling and machining jobs. These are some of the supplies you should have on hand:

What machines are used in metalworking?

You use machines to do most metalworking, in conjunction with turning tools. These machines serve to hold the workpiece and the cutting tools. The most common metalworking tools are:

  • Lathes - A lathe removes material from a rotating workpiece by applying cutting tools.
  • Milling Machines - These machines are used to shape metal. They can also be used to cut, bore, drill, and plane.
  • Drill press - A drill press drills holes that are aligned and have the correct depth and width required.
  • Boring mill - These machines are used as reamers on an already drilled hole.