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It's Time to Detect the Holidays

Search your way through a Holiday scavenger hunt with a metal detector. Adventure out to your backyard, hit the trails, or visit the beach in search of hidden gold that was buried years ago. What's more, it's the one gift that is exciting to use while making your loved on get out and get active searching for buried coin. Take a look at the multiple used and new items available on eBay to find the perfect gift for your loved one.Men, women, boys, and girls would love to get a metal detector for the holidays. In fact, it's a great family gift for outings that are not only fun but a great way to get the family together for a Christmas adventure. For buyers not sure of the accessories needed to get up and searching, consider looking a bundle that offers the "little extras" that might not be required but are extremely helpful in the treasure hunt. For example, a bundle that includes high-quality headphones makes it easier to hear the beeping when the device travels over buried treasure. Don't give the same old Christmas gift that everyone is giving, think outside the box and wrap up a metal detector for the holidays.

Choosing a Metal Detector

Searching for treasure with a detector is liable to have a monetary value when all is said and done. It's essential to realize that every model is designed with different needs and different levels of experience in mind. An experienced hunter might enjoy a device that allows for manually adjusting the ground balance. A new user might be happy enough with a more basic model.However, with a metal detector that comes preset options which save time and get you out on the hunt faster can't be beaten for the hobbyist hunter. It's also essential that you know what type of treasure you are hunting since many metal detectors are geared toward a specific metal type.

What Types of Metal Detectors are Available?

  • Very Low Frequency - A VLF (very low frequency) metal detector uses two round coils of wire to detect different types of metals. It is commonly used because of its wide range of uses.
  • Pulse Induction - In contrast, a Pulse induction uses only one coil. It is also able to discriminate between signals which makes a pulse induction metal detection the most accurate. 
  • Beat Frequency Oscillation - The least expensive of all designs, the BFO (beat frequency oscillation), operates like a VLF model with two coils but doesn't allow for fine-tuning of the signal.

What about Features?

  • Coil Size - On average, coils around 7 to 9 inches are used for general-purpose hunting because they provide a good range of coverage. If looking for small debris or pieces of gold, coils 6 inches and smaller are suggested.
  • Target Identification - On some models, the target ID feature which distinguishes metal objects can be programmed to search for a specific type of metal.
  • Tone ID - Various audio tones are sounded depending on the object's conductivity. For example, it might produce a high-pitched tone for valuable coins and a low-pitched tone for things like nickel, foil, or iron.
  • Multiple Modes - This feature allows the user to turn on the full-discrimination, all-metal, pinpoint, and tone-discrimination mode. 
  • Frequency - The signal that is transmitted and received by the unit is measured in kHz (kilohertz). Often, detectors are set to a low frequency for good overall depth searching. However, if looking for natural gold or smaller metal items, a higher frequency will be used.
  • Power Level Indicator - Since you are relying on battery power to operate the unit, knowing how much power is left is essential. A low battery often affects the accuracy of the readings so it's important to carry extra batteries.

Does Size Matter?

There are two factors that you should consider—environmental factors and coil design. Knowing your devices features and how to use them properly lets you take your treasure hunting to a new level. The size of the coils helps to determine the size of the metal you will detect. Smaller coils make the metal detector more sensitive to smaller objects because it concentrates the signal, while larger coils are ideal for searching deeper for larger objects.Environmental factors affect the depth at which the detector will be able to find the target. These factors include the following.

  • Soil conditions
  • Radio and cell phone traffic
  • Electrical wires
  • Weather conditions
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