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Protect the Back: Metal and Aluminum Housing Options for the iPhone 6 Plus

Imagine that you’re out for the night and you accidentally drop your iPhone 6. When you pick the iPhone up off the restaurant floor, you notice that the back part is damaged and you need to get a replacement. Fortunately, there are metal and aluminum replacement parts for iPhones from Apple that come in a variety of different designs.

What is iPhone 6 housing?

Different from a case, the housing covers the hardware on the back of an iPhone, specifically the battery. This layer snaps into the front of the phone for protection so that the insides of the phone like the camera are held in place and remain functional. There are many different colors and designs for housings made from that are compatible with an iPhone.

What are some of the available features?

While some versions of housings for the Plus version of the iPhone 6 cover only the back of the iPhone, others wrap around the entire phone and include additional features like:

  • Kickstands come away from the back of the phone to allow the device to stand alone.
  • Screen protection is offered by housing styles that encompass the entire phone: back, sides, and front.
  • Shockproofing is often accomplished by a thin layer of rubber that absorbs impact to offer protection for features like the camera.
  • Waterproofing and water-resistance depend on the materials utilized in housing construction, and how many ports or jacks are left exposed on the iPhone.
  • Straps are sometimes attached to a corner of the housing for extra security.
What colors are available from Apple?

Housing comes in a variety of different shades. Some styles are more than one hue, and some metal housings for iPhones include other materials for select components. While most are plain colors, some housing styles offer patterns or images. Some designs are transparent and include fluid that moves with glitter or other colors. Color choices include black, blue, gold, pink, red, silver, white, and yellow.

What are some iPhone housing care tips?

Most metal housings for the Plus style of iPhone 6, including aluminum, can be cleaned with a soft, microfiber cloth. Using circular motions, rub the fabric over the back of the cover of the phone gently to remove any excess dust or debris. Avoid using water, moisture, or cleaning chemicals directly on the back of the phone to decrease the probability of water getting into the iPhone at any access point. Clean the phone periodically to reduce the risk of dust getting into the device. Putting a case on the phone with intact housing can also help to maintain efficiency and effectiveness.

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