Mercury was a long-running brand of American automobiles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The Mercury line was created in 1938 and discontinued in late 2010. The final vehicles bearing the Mercury name were produced in early 2011.

What vehicle models did Mercury manufacture?

Mercury made many different vehicles with varying designs throughout its history. Many models began with the letter "M" as a way of branding. This was wholly adopted in the mid-2000s to go along with Ford's similar "F" naming scheme. The Grand Marquis, a full-size, four-door sedan, was the brand's flagship car. Other cars manufactured by the brand included the Milan, Mariner, Monterey, Villager, Mystique, Cougar, Marauder, Sable, Montclair, Park Lane, and Mountaineer.

What does the Mercury logo look like?

These cars went through a number of different logos. The first logo was reminiscent of the Roman god Mercury, which was the brand's namesake. Cars from the 1950s carried a stylized letter "M." A crest emblem was then used between 1959 and the late 1980s. The final emblem, used from 1984 to 2011, consisted of three stacked, obtuse angles.

Did Mercury manufacture any hybrids?

Yes, this line did introduce two hybrid vehicles near the end of its run. These were the Mariner Hybrid, a compact SUV, and the Milan Hybrid, a midsize sedan. Like other hybrids, these options use power generated by the gas engine to charge an electric battery. Both sources of power are used alternatingly by the car.

Did Mercury manufacture muscle cars?

Yes. During the 1960s, a number of muscle cars were manufactured for this brand. Muscle car designs included the Marauder, Comet, and Cougar. Engines used in these muscle cars include the 390-CID V-8, the 390-bhp 427, the 290-bhp Boss 302, and the 335-bhp 428 CJ. By 1971, the brand had returned to making non-muscle-type cars.

What options did these vehicles have?

The features you’ll find in a Mercury car vary widely depending on the model of vehicle and the year it was manufactured. You can find a variety of trims and rooflines from year to year. There are also two-door varieties and four-door varieties. Some other options include stylized grilles, sun/moon roofs, spoilers, alarms, keyless entry systems, and cruise control. Each model and year offers different color choices. You can also find both manual and automatic transmissions. Built-in DVD players are another option. Some Mercury automobiles have hood ornaments, such as the Grand Marquis that was produced in 2005.

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