Men's Wallets

Men's Wallets

One item that stays in style and is widely used by men of all ages and lifestyles is the wallet. Whether you consider your wallet to be a necessity or an accessory, the many options for designs and materials can help you find just the right choice to fit your lifestyle.

What kinds of styles are available for men's leather wallets?

Wallets are available in several fabric and leather designs including bifold, trifold, cardholders, ID wallets, long wallets, and chain wallets. A basic leather option is the bifold design. This compact style features two panels that contain slots for cards and a larger, open pocket for bills. A trifold design is very similar except it features three panels. Cardholder and ID leather wallets are similar to bifolds except they have slots for cards with no pocket for bills. Some styles of cardholders feature an attached money clip. A long leather wallet is also referred to as a clutch style, and it resembles a traditional bifold or trifold but is longer and larger. A chain style can be any design and features a clip that attaches to the belt or pants and a long chain connected to the wallet. You can also find other types of specialized wallets.

What kinds of material are men's wallets made out of?

Many men's wallets are made from leather. This traditional material holds up well and comes in a variety of classic colors. For a rugged and outdoorsy look, styles made from canvas can be appropriate and offer more weather-resistance than leather. Aluminum, metal, and carbon-fiber cardholder styles are also available.

What colors are men's wallets available in?

Some classic colors for men's wallets are black, brown, gray, and navy. These neutral shades work well with a variety of other clothing colors and styles and can make a great choice for the minimalist man. Other color options and fabric patterns are available as a bold accent item and can make coordinating your wallet to an outfit simple.

What is an RFID-resistant wallet?

The acronym RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. Radio-frequency identification enables a credit card to be used by simply placing it near a reader, it does not require you to swipe the card. While this tech advance has countless beneficial applications, it has also opened up possibilities for thieves to construct their own hidden scanners. RFID-resistant wallets are built to block these unwanted scans and are available in leather, aluminum, carbon fiber, and metal. Most of the styles available for traditional wallets are also available in RFID-blocking choices.

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