Men's Vintage Jeans

Mens Vintage Jeans

Men’s blue jeans were created back in the mid-1800s as a form of sturdy trousers for working men. They are made from a cotton fabric that is frequently dyed an indigo blue shade. Mens vintage jeans are available in many fits, ranging from baggy 1940s shapes to slim fits from the 1970s.

What jeans styles are vintage?

The style of vintage jeans varies depending on their age and their original use. Vintage denim typically comes in the following styles:

  • Overalls: This design features straps that go over the back and attach to a bib in the front. It was a basic uniform for farmers in the 1920s through 1960s, and it was also seen on fashionistas in the 1980s.
  • Straight: You can find a traditional straight shape of men’s jeans in almost any decade.
  • Baggy: Baggy denim was worn in most decades, but you can find particularly baggy men’s vintage denim in jeans from the 1990s.
  • Bootcut: Bootcut jeans were particularly seen in the 1970s, but you can find them in other times as well. These jeans fit through the thighs before flaring out below the knee.
  • Carpenter and cargo: These styles have extra pockets and loops for carrying tools. They frequently have a gusset sewn along the crotch to make bending and crouching easier.
How are vintage jeans sized?

It is easy to find the right size of men’s vintage jeans because they typically use the same sizing methods as other jeans styles. This means that the pants will typically have a size with two numbers. The first number is the measurement of the waist circumference in inches, and the second number will be the length of the inseam going from the crotch to the hem. Keep in mind that the fit may be a little looser or tighter than expected because pants from different decades may fit differently.

How do you care for vintage denim?

There are a few different cleaning methods that you can try for your denim:

  • Put them in the freezer: This method kills odor-causing bacteria without actually affecting the fibers of the denim at all.
  • Spot clean: If there is only one grimy area on the denim, you can gently dab it with a wet cloth to try to lift the stain.
  • Hand wash: Gently washing denim by hand with some mild detergent in cold water can work for updated pieces, but keep in mind that this is not advisable for vintage pairs of pants.
  • Machine wash: Read the tag on your pants carefully to see if this is advised. If machine washing is an option, turn them inside, use the gentlest settings, and let them air dry.