Men's Vintage Clothing

Everything You Should Know About How to Buy Vintage Men’s Clothing Online

Vintage clothing for men can help you create a fun look that takes you back to times that have gone by. Whether you love the dapper looks of the '40s and '50s or prefer the colorful styles of the '80s, vintage clothing is a lot of fun to dress up in. eBay has vintage clothing from many eras, so you are sure to find pieces that will fit the look you want to achieve.

Picking a vintage era of clothing

eBay has vintage clothing that covers tons of different decades. Vintage is considered anything under 100 years old, but over 20 years old, so that encompasses clothing from the 1920s to the 1990s. Men’s vintage clothing has gone through a lot of changes over this time period. Here is a breakdown of vintage clothing for men through different eras.

  • 1920s - 1940s: This was the era of dapper suits and long trench coats. Newsboy, bowler, and fedora hats were all worn in this time period. In the 1950s, men began to wear more leather jackets.
  • 1960s - 1970s: The '60s and '70s saw men leave suits behind for casual wear. Leisure suits, bell bottoms, and anything paisley was in.
  • 1980s: The 1980s brought a lot of skin tight jeans, leather and denim jackets, Members Only jackets, and bright colors.
  • 1990s: In the '90s, guys wore loose fitting pants, and plaid was completely in. Snapback hats were all the rage, and so was wearing overalls with one side unbuckled. You could also find guys in cargo or parachute pants and wearing a bandanna on their head.
Sizing changes through the years

When looking for vintage clothing for men, keep in mind that sizing has changed mildly over the years. Vintage men’s clothing should include measurements in the description so you can make sure it will fit you properly. Ask for measurements if they are not already provided.

What types of fabrics were used during different vintage eras?

Vintage men's clothing is often made of different types of materials compared to what is commonly used now. For instance, most vintage men's suits were exclusively wool, while suits now are usually a mixture. People tend to where faux-leather now when vintage jackets are usually genuine leather. Much more clothing included spandex in the '80s compared to more recent men's clothing fashions. When looking for original vintage clothing, it is always good to check for authentic fabric types.