Men's Tie Clasps & Tacks

Men’s Tie Clasps and Tacks

A tie clip or bar helps secure your tie to the front placket of your shirt for a more fashionable look. Tie bars are fashion accessories for men who want to add a bit of sparkle to a dressy look. Here is what you should know about these necktie accessories.

What tie bar width is appropriate?

A tie bar should extend 0.5 to 0.75 inches in length across the middle width of the tie. If you want to create a more classic look, choose a tie bar that matches the exact width of your tie. Be sure to avoid wearing a tie clip that goes beyond the width of the tie.

Where should you clip the tie bar?

Where you place your tie bar creates the look. Fashion experts recommend placing the tie clip between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. However, you can clip a tie clip high to create a slimming effect.

How is the tie clip color paired with your outfit?

If you want a conservative style, use a gray, silver, or gold tie bar. You may match the metal finish of the tie clip with your cufflinks, jacket buttons, or your belt buckle. If you are confident with a bolder style, you can try colored, patterned, or novelty tie bars. Be sure to factor in the color of your tie when choosing a tie clip.

When do you use a tie tack or stick pin?

These are the original versions of the tie clip. They come in different shapes and metals such as gold, silver, and gray. The tie tack may also have rubies, diamonds, and other jewels fixed to it. Tie tacks work well with woven silk ties, and those with coarse fabrics like cashmere and wool because they do not leave marks.

A tie stick pin resembles a tie bar that is more decorative. Unlike tie bars and tie clips that blend in well with shirts, the tie stick pin pairs well with a stroller suit or a morning coat. You will find classic versions made of 18k and 14k gold that include a white pearl, diamonds, and other precious metals.

Which tie clip or bar works with a skinny tie?

You want to pair a skinny tie with a slim tie bar. One rule of the thumb about wearing a tie clip is to choose a tie bar that is shorter than your tie. It should also be less bulky. However, if a thicker one is more of your comfort zone, pick a wider tie clip. Choose one made of a heavier material or one that is more three-dimensional.