Men's Soccer Shoes & Cleats

Playing a great game of soccer can only happen if you are able to move around the soccer field quickly, comfortably, and effectively. Soccer cleats are available in your preferred color, material, and cleat type. Start by choosing the men's soccer cleats that fit your personality and playing ground.

How do you select a soccer shoe?

Sports shoes are designed to provide traction during intense activity periods on a variety of surfaces. The terrain in the field will determine the particular soccer shoe needed for optimal performance. Individual preferences to consider include:

  • Indoor shoes versus firm ground (FG) - If your league plays in both venues, you will need at least two different pairs of soccer cleats.
  • Footwear material - For instance, Taurus, or calf leather, is used on the Adidas adizero line and is a soft leather that is very light-weight. If you have wide feet, you may want to consider kangaroo leather, which stretches and molds to fit the form of your particular foot. The advantage of full-grain cowhide is in the durability and resistance to water.
  • Outsole and insole - Do you prefer an insole that is removable or permanently attached? (Hint, if you play soccer outdoors in all weather, drying soccer cleats is easier with removable ones.) Indoor playing soccer shoes usually have flat outsoles made of rubber. An outdoor shoe will be designed for use on turf, soft ground, FG, or hard ground.
  • Stud type - Check if your league allows metal cleats. Otherwise, consider the ground type you will be performing on. Conical studs offer more area of contact with the ground surface and swift discharge. Bladed studs allow for greater speed during movement and improve actual traction. Blends of both are the happy medium. A final consideration here involves whether your ground surface will be soft at times. If so, you may want the option of removing at least some of the studs to switch to longer ones for increased traction.
How are soccer shoes supposed to fit?

Try on a pair of men's soccer shoes inside to verify that your toes have at least a quarter of an inch of room at the end of the shoe, but no more than half an inch. Make sure they are snug but not causing pain or discomfort anywhere. They should be comfortable to wear as you walk around. Leather soccer shoes will stretch some, depending on the leather type, but should not cause discomfort during the breaking-in phase of wear.

How do you pick a brand of men's soccer cleats?

There are many brands of sports cleats and each brand may carry a wide variety of lines to choose from. The reputation of the manufacturer, the materials used in production, the expense of the footwear itself, and the playing surface type are all important factors. Here is a list of available brands of soccer shoes and individual line options:

  • Nike - Mercurial, Tiempo, Hypervenom, Magista, Veloce, Phade, Neymar, Phelon, Superfly, TiempoX, Cristiano Ronaldo CR7
  • Adidas - Messi, Copa Mundial, Nemeziz, Primemesh, FxG, Purecontrol, adizero
  • Puma - evoSPEED, evoPOWER
  • Diadora - BSH12, Blueshield
  • Others - New Balance Furon, UnderArmour Speedform