Men's Slippers

Men's Slippers

Slippers are a comfortable, convenient, and often warm footwear option that can be great for use in various seasons and occasions. Men's slippers vary highly in style, providing options including athletic footwear, house slippers, and moccasins for colder weather. The variety of colors, styles, brands, and materials, available in regards to these men's shoes will help ensure you find an option to suit your style and needs.

What are men's slippers made out of?

Men's slippers come in a variety of materials, each providing different looks and benefits. Slippers that are designed for gym and athletic events are typically made of rubbers and plastics or light materials, like hemp or another breathable fabric. This is because they are all durable against sweat and water. Other warmer slippers, or those designed for comfort, may be made of cotton, faux fur, sheep wool, genuine leather, suede, goose down, corduroy, and more.

What is a crepe sole?

Men's slippers and moccasins can feature different kinds of soles, such as soft or crepe soles. A crepe sole is typically made of textured and patterned rubber. This provides more traction and support in slippery or outdoor conditions. To determine the right choice for you, take into consideration where you will be wearing the shoes and what they will be used for before purchasing a pair.

How do you know what size men's slipper to buy?

Many men's slippers are listed in standard numerical sizes, but it can be helpful to take your measurements when looking to buy a pair to ensure that you select a good fit for you. It is best to take measurements later in the day because this will account for the increase in blood flow that occurs in your feet. To take the measurements of your foot, stand straight against a wall and place a full sheet of paper under your foot. Using a pen or pencil, mark the foot size by making a line where the big toe and heel sit. The shoes should fit snugly so that they do not come off easily when you’re walking. Keep in mind the socks you will be wearing or whether you will be wearing socks at all.

How do you care for suede slippers?

Clean dust from the suede nap with a specialized brush. For dry stains, avoid using water, and instead use a soft-bristled brush or specialized suede eraser. For extra protection, there are sprays and repellants that can be applied to the exterior of the shoes to keep dirt, water, and other substances from collecting in the nap. Always store these slippers in a cool, dry place. If storing them for long periods, place them in a box or cloth bag.