Golf Trousers for Men

Golf trousers for men are the professional attire which will ensure any golfer looks stylish and smart on the green. They are also a requirement in order to conform to many clubhouse dress codes.

When looking for men's golfing trousers it pays to consider the fit, form and function. For example, golfing trousers with belt loops will keep a polo shirt neatly tucked in. In addition, golf trousers with rear and/or side pockets are useful additions in which to keep spare tees and balls. Also, the extra stretch in a fabric will notably help an easy swing.

Golf trouser styles

Men's golfing trousers are available in a variety of styles which can be selected to fit your individual fashion style and sense of comfort. All styles are available in regular, short and longer lengths to ensure a correct fit.

Cotton golfing trousers offer superior comfort and breathability, with some brands even offering a spandex/cotton blend to further improve fit and function on the green.

Many leading sports brands sell polyester golfing trousers, a lightweight fabric often used in outerwear and sports clothing for its stretchy quality. A polyester or synthetic mix golfing trouser will be breathable, durable and will remain relatively wrinkle-free.

As an outdoor sport, many golfers opt for waterproof golfing trousers which will allow a player to remain comfortable and protected against the elements. Such golfing trousers feature materials like GORE-TEX to offer a degree of built-in technology, which will mean that rain will seldom stop play.

Performance in mind

All sports branded golfing trousers are designed for top performance on the fairway. Long established golfing and sports branded golf trousers including Calloway, Ping and Dunlop will keep the golfer warm and dry in the colder months and cool in the summer, while at the same time allowing for easy in-play mobility.