Men's Gold Nugget Bracelets

Explore the Many Styles of Mens Gold Nugget Bracelet

If you are interested in adding a fashionable accent to your wrist, consider wearing a gold bracelet with the rough pattern of unpolished nuggets. The unusual texture and bright gleam of a Mens' gold nugget bracelet makes any outfit look more interesting. You can find many such bracelets for sale on eBay.

Things to consider when buying a gold nugget bracelet

To find the right bracelet for your style, think about these features:

  • Design: Pick from a variety of bracelet designs, including gold nugget watches, gold nugget chains, or gold nugget bracelets embellished with gemstones.
  • Closure: Some bracelets have a typical clasp while others may be a bangle shape that slips on and off without any closure.
  • Pattern: There are all sorts of gold nugget patterns, ranging from ones with random, raised bumps to ones with more regular, smooth indentions.
  • Width: The band on nugget bracelets can be less than a centimeter in width or more than a few inches wide.
  • Size: If your wrist is smaller or larger than average, you may want to look into special sizes to get the right fit.
Do all types of gold look and feel the same?

Mens' gold nugget bracelets made from 10k and 14k gold will look slightly silvery in hue while 18k gold and 24k gold Mens' nugget bracelets will have a warmer, yellowish color. Bracelets with a higher concentration of pure gold will typically weigh a little more due to the density of gold.

Deciding between tiled and solid bracelet styles

Most mens' gold nugget bracelets tend to be either a solid band of gold without any interruptions or a collection of small tiles linked together. These look fairly similar at first glance, but they actually behave a little differently once you put them on. Bracelets that are linked tiles tend to be more flexible, so they will conform to your wrist or dangle downwards if there is extra space. Solid cuff bracelets are much stiffer, so they retain their shape regardless of how you move.

Are the gold nuggets on the bracelet real?

This will depend on the style you pick. Of course, all gold bracelets come from gold nuggets, but some are made from nuggets that were melted down and stamped with a nugget pattern. However, you can also find bracelets made from untouched gold nuggets that have not been mixed with other metals or have not had their overall shape altered.