Get Good Quality Sleep With Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows have viscoelastic materials. Therefore, the padding will fit the shape of the neck, head, and shoulders. It adjusts depending on the heat. For instance, when it is warm, it will conform to the sleeper's head and go back to its original shape when it is cold. It brings additional comfort during sleep and alleviates neck and shoulder pain. You can find various types of memory foam pillows on eBay.

Types of memory foam pillows available

Memory foam paddings are available in various types, depending on the foam material. However, each type improves the quality of sleep. The common types include:

  • Natural foam: Natural foam padding utilises natural substances instead of petroleum products. Apart from being eco-friendly, it is breathable and reverts to its original shape faster. Natural foam is excellent for people with allergies.
  • Shredded foam pillows: The fillings are shredded pieces of memory foam. Shredded pillows are mouldable and flexible, offering adequate neck and back support.
  • Multi-foam pillows: They combine the best features of foam types to create a hybrid. Therefore, they promote conformity and reduce warming and sinking.
  • Cooling gel foam pillow: The foam pillow was created to mitigate the weakness of the traditional foam padding, which is heat retention. The infused gel promotes air circulation making the pillow breathable.
Are memory foam pillows available in various sizes?

Yes. The size of foam padding depends on the length and the compactness. When picking a memory foam pillow, consider the sleeper instead of the bed, for comfort. For instance, you do not have to choose a king-size foam padding for a king-size bed. If the sleeper is petite, you need a smaller size. However, you can confirm the actual dimensions on the manufacturer’s site. You can find the following sizes of foam padding on eBay listings:

  • Standard: They are short but compact and suitable for most types of sleepers.
  • Queen: It is slightly longer than the standard foam pillow. If you do not maintain a single sleeping position, queen-size is ideal for you.
  • King: The king-size pillow is long, providing adequate comfort for sleepers who toss and turn throughout the night. It also offers sufficient back support.
  • Body: Body paddings are excellent for those who snuggle a pillow. They are slightly wider than the other types of pillows.
Do memory foam paddings offer adequate support?

Yes. Due to its conforming ability, foam padding provides adequate neck support for most sleepers. It also fits perfectly on your neck and shoulders, alleviating pain.

Price ranges for memory foam pillows

Memory foam padding prices range from affordable to expensive. The price depends on the size, density, and unique features.