Medicine Cabinets

A Brief Guide to Medicine Cabinets

When you need storage space for your vitamins and medications, consider placing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. This bathroom storage option provides a safe place to keep your medicines organized and out of the way of children and pets. Many models are designed to resist humidity and rust, making them durable enough for long-term use.

How do you mount a medicine cabinet?
  • Recessed mount: A recessed mount will fit into the cavity of the wall, using up less space. A recessed storage design may be more visually appealing, as it blends with the room more easily.
  • Surface mount: Ideal for those unable or unwilling to dig into their walls, a surface mount unit attaches to a stud. This method of installation in your bathroom is simple to do, and the furniture is easier to access if you're unable to reach very far.
What accessories can be installed with a medicine cabinet?
  • Vanity lights: Adding a vanity light to your surface mount or recessed medicine cabinet can create a warmer environment in the bathroom. The light also helps you see which bottle you are picking out, or it helps give more natural light when applying makeup.
  • Shelves: Additional bathroom storage shelves will help you to optimize space, allowing you to store more items. You can use different shelves to isolate one person's medication from another.
  • Mirrors: You can hide the bottles and make the storage cabinet more aesthetically appealing by placing a mirror over the unit. Options include mirrors which slide to the side in order to open the cabinet as well as mirrors you can push in and open out.
  • Frames: You may want to consider choosing a cabinet with a frame that blends with your room's architecture. If you are using a recessed mirror, you may decide to go without frames for a sleek look in your bathroom.
  • Safety locks: If you have small children in the house or extremely strong medications, you may want to consider installing a bathroom cabinet with a lock for extra security.
How much weight can a bathroom medicine cabinet hold?

Recessed cabinets will generally be able to hold more weight than surface mount cabinets due to the extra support of the wall frame. The actual weight will vary by the cabinet. Most items will state their maximum weights, so check the information in the product's specifications to find the option right for you.

What types of medicine cabinets are available on eBay?

The new and used medicine cabinets on eBay are found under different categories. Here are some categories to consider when making your choice:

  • Brands: Common name brands for medicine storage cabinets include Afina, Pegasus Kohler, Robern, and Zenith. If you don't care about the brand name, there are generic versions available on eBay as well.
  • Features: If you want different features on your medicine cabinets, eBay offers choices like adjustable shelves, concealed hinges, glass shelves, or mirrored interior doors.
  • Colors: The options include colors such as black, blue, brown, gold, gray, silver, and white.