Medical Monitoring & Testing Equipment

Medical Monitoring & Testing Equipment

Devices for medical monitoring and tests are essential for some people with chronic diseases, health questions, or even short-term health problems. These days, there are plenty of choices among different brands when selecting this type of equipment. Being able to carry out tests and level checks in-home has made it possible for people with medical conditions to monitor and maintain their health and make proper decisions, allowing them to lead more independent lives.

What kind of devices are available?

Drug and disease test kits, blood pressure monitors, and various thermometers are among the types of medical devices available.

  • Testing kits: These testing kits make it possible to test for drug use, cholesterol levels, HIV-1 and HIV-2, and more. Checking for disease using these test kits gives people important information about their health.
  • Blood pressure monitors: A variety of blood pressure monitors are available. They include the standard upper arm cuff set-up, and newer innovations like digital monitors worn on the wrist.
  • Thermometers: There are thermometers available for babies and adults. Some thermometers are designed for in-ear use while others are built to be used on the forehead or under the tongue. Some are even designed for use in more than one location.
  • Diabetic monitoring devices: Some tests must be carried out frequently for chronically ill people. An example of this is blood glucose monitors for diabetics. The glucose devices and strips are available here, too. Strips from a number of brands and in large quantities are available.
What are some features of these devices?

The features depend on the condition and function it's being used for.

  • Test kits: Some urinalysis kits use cups with decals that read for substances on the side. Others require inserting a test strip into urine. Kits for determining cholesterol levels include lancets and paper strips. HIV test kits often use oral swabs in lieu of blood.
  • Blood pressure monitors: These typically include an inflating cuff with a digital or analog readout. Wrist monitors are digital.
  • Thermometers: These are typically digital. They come in a number of shapes, depending on where they are designed to be used and who they are designed to be used on. Some are infrared and require no contact at all.
  • Diabetic monitoring equipment: There is a variety of different blood glucose monitors and test strips available. Brands represented include Free Style, Accu-Check, Arriva, and OneTouch. Apart from Gluco-Wise, which uses electromagnetic waves, these devices require sticking a finger with a lancet.

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