Can You Transfer Video Tapes To DVD?

It is possible to transfer video tapes to DVD to create backups of home videos or to duplicate purchased videos. Making the transfer requires a VHS tape player hooked up to a DVD recorder, or a VHS/DVD combination player with recording facilities.

Is It Worth Transferring Tapes To DVD?

Video tape is an obsolete format and compared to modern Blu-rays, the resolution is low. Digitizing the tapes for conversion to a new format does not improve the resolution, so movies transferred from tape to DVD still could have the same picture quality. However, for people who wish to preserve a catalog of home videos of their friends and family, picture quality is a secondary consideration, and transferring the tapes to a more durable and modern format is a worthwhile venture.

What Are Photo Editing Services?

Besides duplication of storage media such as tapes and DVDs, another media service that is readily available online is photo editing. Common editing services include the removal of background images from photographs, and touching up poorly lit or badly framed shots so they look more professional. Photo editing services are a quick and convenient way to get a batch of quality images for use in magazines and on websites, and as it is possible to send digital images via e-mail, editing companies often have a rapid turnaround time.