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The Maui Jim Men's Sunglasses Buying Guide

Since 1980, Maui Jim has been making fashionable men's sunglasses that aim to reduce the harmful effects of the sun while maintaining the purity and richness of the colors seen through them. This popular and stylish brand offers a variety of options and features to select from on eBay.

Main features and benefits of Maui Jim men's sunglasses

New and used Maui Jim sunglasses come with an array of features that make the most of technology so that its sunglasses are as effective and protective as they are attractive and fashionable, including:

  • Extreme polarization - To block out harmful solar rays and glare.
  • Anti-reflective treatment - To prevent the bounce-back between the back of the lenses and your eyes that can cause eyestrain.
  • Fashion lens mirror - Blue and pink mirrors make Maui Jim's fashionable lenses even more fashionable.
  • Bi-gradient mirror - Placed at the top and bottom of the lenses to lessen the light reaching your eyes from the top and bottom of the sunglasses and thereby letting your eyes relax.
How are Maui Jim sunglasses for men constructed?

The lenses in Maui Jim sunglasses on sale utilize PolarizedPlus2 technology to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and annoying glare without diminishing the vividness of the surrounding colors. They come in your choice of neutral gray or HCL bronze colors. Neutral gray lenses provide for a sharp contrast, rich colors and reduced light in bright sun and direct light. HCL bronze lenses offer a warm tint suitable for everyday use. Each pair of Maui Jim sunglasses has lenses made with one of four different high-tech materials:

  • SuperThin Glass - Almost one-third lighter and thinner than regular glass and offers the crispest clarity of vision and the highest scratch resistance
  • MauiBrilliant - The most advanced material Maui Jim uses for its lenses, it offers almost twice the clarity of glass at a mere third of its weight.
  • Mauri Pure - When searching eBay for Maui Jim sunglasses, this type offers almost the same crispness as the SuperThin Glass. It's super lightweight and scratch-resistant.
  • Maui Evolution - A blend of polycarbonate with the qualities of SuperThin Glass to yield scratch-resistant, lightweight and high-index lenses.

You can also find Maui Jim sunglasses for sale on eBay for men that are made with prescription lenses.

Types of Maui Jim men's sunglasses available

On eBay, Maui Jim offers a wide variety of polarized sunglasses for men, with over 125 styles. These include both pricier options as well as cheap Maui Jim sunglasses. You can also have readers added to any Maui Jim polarized men's sunglasses to make them function as polarized men's reading sunglasses. The main types of men's sunglasses by Maui Jim for sale and the key styles within each of those types are as follows:

  • Aviator sunglasses - Includes Mavericks, Baby Beach, and Cook Pines styles.
  • Classic sunglasses - Includes Naupaka, Koko Head, and Kawika styles.
  • Fashion sunglasses - Includes Alekona, Starfish, and Dragonfly styles.
  • Wrap Sunglasses - Includes Peahi, Tumbeland, and World Cup styles.
  • Rectangular sunglasses
  • Rimless sunglasses
  • Shield sunglasses
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