Maui Jim Baby Beach Sunglasses for Men

Why Maui Jim's Baby Beach Line Are Not Your Typical Aviator Sunglasses

The Maui Jim Baby Beach model is a compromise between stylish aviator-shaped sunglasses and a smaller frame. They come with high-quality lenses and a variety of colors so that you can get a great look and excellent sun protection. 

Maui Jim Baby Beach style and specifications

  • Shape: The Baby Beach sunglasses boast a rounded aviator shape for an elegant and soft look. They are less triangular than the Maui Jim Mavericks, and less rectangular than the Cliff House model. The Baby Beach’s smooth curves give a more delicate silhouette. The frame is lightweight and discreet, emphasizing the lenses.
  • Size: Less imposing than most aviator sunglasses, the Maui Jim Baby Beach will not hide half your face. If you want the aviator look without giving up on showing off your cheekbones, the Baby Beach sunglasses are the right compromise.
  • Colors: The Baby Beach frame comes in either silver or gold. The lenses offer more choices: Blue Hawaii and Rose Gold are mirror coated, while Neutral Grey and Bronze lenses are less extravagant for a more classic look.
  • Lenses: The lenses material is super light for added comfort. It is also shatter- and scratch-resistant. It provides crystal clear optics and is polarized for a better color experience.

What sun protection do the Baby Beach sunglasses provide?

The Baby Beach model uses 100% UV protection coating on its MauiPure lens material. They are polarized for color enhancement and clarity, so you get both vision comfort and sun protection.

How to choose your Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses

Once you have decided on frame and lenses color and you start hunting for your own pair of Baby Beach sunglasses, a myriad of prices will be available to you. Choose your budget. Prices vary with brand new releases. On the other hand, pre-owned pairs will usually be much cheaper. Just be sure that your sunglasses have only been gently used. When you go with a pair of preowned Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses, you will end up with the same style for a fraction of the price. Therefore, if you like changing your sunglasses style every season, a used pair might make more sense for your budget. Who knows, you could end up with a perfectly sound pair of affordable Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses that will last a long time in your collection.

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