Mattress Toppers & Pads

Mattress toppers and protectors for a comfy night's sleep

You can make nighttime an absolute dream when you lie down on the sheer comfort of delightful mattress toppers and protectors. Designed to help you sleep like a baby, keep your mattress feeling fabulous and leaving your back feeling better than ever, you'll find the ideal topper for your bed here on eBay. 

Get the right material

You want to ensure you're investing in a mattress topper or protector that's right for you. You'll find simple cotton and cotton blend items, perfect for if your mattress is the top priority, and you just need a little extra comfort. 

Next to these, you'll find memory foam mattress toppers, which are just what you need if your back is what's truly troubling you. Before you know it, those midnight wake up calls from back pain will be a thing of the past. An orthopaedic mattress topper actively works to keep your posture in the best position all night long. A 100% wool mattress topper adds a serious level of warmth, perfect for winter. 

For something with even more added comfort, choose an extra deep quilted mattress protector. Get the most out of your large mattress whilst adding another level of softness to your night's sleep. Go with a water repellent mattress protector to keep your mattress in tip top condition for longer. Anti allergen material also works to negate the effect of any allergies so you can have a truly undisturbed night. 

Make sure the size is right

Whether you're sleeping alone, you have a partner or you just love a little extra space, there's a topper or protector here for you. Throughout the options available you'll find sizes to fit single and double mattresses, alongside those for king and super king size mattress toppers and protectors. 

Choose from boxspring covers, mattress and cover combination packs, mattress encasements and solo toppers and pads.