Masters Pullovers

Your Guide to Shopping for Masters Pullovers

Celebrate one of the biggest championships in professional golf with a Masters pullover. You can pull a thick jacket on to stay warm in chilly weather or wear it on the golf course to let people know more about your golfing preferences. Find a wide variety of Masters pullovers on eBay.

The many different styles of Masters pullovers

When you are considering getting a classic golf pullover, there are four main clothing types you can pick from, available from eBay.

  • Shirt: Made out of lightweight materials like cotton or polyester, this type of pullover can be long- or short-sleeved.
  • Sweater: Pullovers made out of knitted wool result in a thicker, heavier fabric. Sometimes these pullovers are sleeveless vests.
  • Sweatshirt: Sweatshirts are normally made out of a fleece material and have a straight, boxy silhouette.
  • Jacket: Jacket-style pullovers are made from items meant to block cold, wind, and dampness.
Do older versions of the Masters logo look the same?

New and used Masters pullovers can vary a little in style and condition, but they can all be identified by the signature tournament logo. This logo has remained very similar over the years. The only big difference is that the top of the United States silhouette is straight on the new logo and the coastline of Florida angles out more to the side in the older version of the logo.

Great features to look for in Masters pullovers

Masters pullovers tend to have similar silhouettes and color schemes, but there are also some distinctive differences. When you are shopping for pullovers on eBay, there are a few classic features you can look for.

  • Collars: Some people like having a pullover with a folded collar to mimic the look of a classic golfing polo shirt.
  • Zippered front: To make it easier to pull the garment over your head, look for items with a short zipper around the collar.
  • Tournament details: If you are excited about a particular year of the Masters tournament, look for pullovers with dates, winners, and other championship details.
  • Unique materials: These golfing staples often use innovative materials that can help with things like wicking sweat or blocking wind.
  • Wristbands: Pullovers with a fitted wristband help to keep the garment from sliding over your hands as you play.
  • Hoods: Some pullovers may include a hood for additional warmth.
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