Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson has produced a wide variety of tractors since the year 1953. Aside from tractors, Massey Ferguson also provides other farm equipment and parts, including planters, manure spreaders, hay equipment, and combine harvesters.

What series of Massey Ferguson models are there?

The first Massey Ferguson tractor, released in the year 1955, was the Ferguson 35. The MF 135 led the MF 100 series that followed. By the 1970s, Massey Ferguson had also released the MF 1000 series and the 500 series. From the mid-70s to the early-80s, Massey Furgeson produced the 200 series. The mid-80s was followed up with a shorter 600 series.

The MF 600 line was the first to allow consumers to choose where the hydraulic fluid would be pumped. In the late 1980s, Massey Furgeson released the 300 series, which included the MF 399T that offered a range of 52 to 104 horsepower.

Over the following decade, the Massey Furgeson tractor series produced included the MF 3000, the MF 3600, the MF 4200, the MF 6100 and the MF 8100. The MF 5400, MF 6400, MF 7400 and MF 8600 series have been around since the year 2000.

What are the types of Massey Ferguson tractors offered?

There are four different types of tractors available from Massey Ferguson. They offer subcompact tractors, compact tractors, utility tractors, midrange tractors, and high-horsepower row-crop tractors. A subcompact tractor is the GC1770 that produces 22 to 25 horsepower. Among the compact tractors offered, you can find the 1500, 1700E, and 1700 models.

The 1500 model is a base compact that produces 24 horsepower. The produces 24 to 39 horsepower. The 1700 model produces 36 to 59 horsepower.

What Massey Ferguson utility options are available?

There are six utility options available. The Massey Ferguson 2600 produces 38 to 74 horsepower, and the 2600H produces 45 to 74 horsepower. The 2700E utility produces 49 to 57 horsepower. The 4600M utility has an output of 70 to 99 horsepower, and the 4600 utility produces 80 to 99 horsepower.

If you want even more power from your tractor, the Massey Ferguson 4700 utility produces 70 to 100 horsepower. The 4610M high clearance utility provides at least 100 horsepower.

What other specialized options are available?

The midrange options are the Massey Ferguson 5600, the 5700, the 5700SL, the 6600, the 6700 and the 6700SL. The 5600, 5700 and 5700SL produce between 90 and 130 horsepower. The Massey Ferguson 6600, 6700, and 6700SL produce between 115 and 160 horsepower.

The high horsepower row crop options include the Massey Ferguson 7600, the 7700, the 8600 and the 8700. The Massey Ferguson 7600 and 7700 produce between 110 and 255 horsepower. The Massey Ferguson 8600 and 8700 row-crop options produce 205 to 290 horsepower.

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