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All You Need to Know About Marlboro Collectible Tobacco Cigarettes and Memorabilia

One of the most ubiquitous cigarette makers in the world, Marlboro has been innovating new tobacco cigarette products and marketing materials since the late-19th and early-20th centuries, yielding a vast trove of collectible tobacco cigarettes and marketing memorabilia. Learn how to sort through all the affordable, collectible Marlboro cigarettes and memorabilia for sale on eBay to find the ones you've got to own.

Types of Marlboro collectible tobacco cigarettes and memorabilia for sale on eBay

On eBay, you can find three basic types of Marlboro collectibles: actual Marlboro cigarettes, cigarette packs, and cigarette smoking products, Marlboro advertisements, and Marlboro-branded promotional products. Many of the actual Marlboro cigarettes you can buy on eBay are rare Marlboro cigarettes no longer manufactured or sold. Others are found only internationally, such as the multi-flavor pack called Marlboro Shuffle. Most Marlboro cigarettes over the years were divided into the Flavor line, sold in predominantly red packs, and the Gold line, sold in primarily gold-colored packs. The Gold line typically represents light cigarettes, while a new Fresh line contains flavored Marlboro cigarettes. Types of Marlboro collectibles beyond packs of the cigarettes themselves include the following:

  • Ashtrays
  • Matchbooks and lighters
  • Advertising signs
  • Newspaper and magazine print ads
  • Clocks and thermometers
  • Backpacks, hats, and clothing
How do you select Marlboro collectible tobacco cigarettes on eBay?

When browsing Marlboro collectible cigarettes on eBay, be sure you read the listing carefully to be clear on what you're buying. Is it a sealed or unsealed Marlboro cigarette pack? Is it one Marlboro pack or more than one? Is it empty of cigarettes or full? Consider the relative rarity of the item as well. Is the type of Marlboro cigarette still in production or no longer made? How rare is its packaging? Lastly, check the quality and condition of any Marlboro collectible you're considering buying. Make sure the pack isn't torn, creased, marked, or otherwise damaged.

Some particularly noteworthy Marlboro collectibles

There are some new or used Marlboro collectibles you'll find on eBay that are worth taking particular note of for their uniqueness or rarity, including those from the product's early days when Marlboro was only a cigarette for women or the Marlboro advertisements featuring babies or the famous Marlboro Man. Other noteworthy items of Marlboro memorabilia come from Marlboro's numerous sports sponsorships over the years, including with Formula One racing and the World Rally Championship.

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