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Mariner Outboard Engines and Components

New outboard motors from Mariner can help breathe some life into an older boat. If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person who wants to work on your own boat, then rebuilding a Mariner outboard is a great way to start. With a wide selection of Mariner outboard engines and components, you can find what you need for your boat.

How long do Mercury Mariner motor parts last?

Mercury rates most Mariner engines for around 1,600 hours of continuous running before they require significant maintenance. This isn't an expiration date, however, and many boat skippers continue to use their outboard engines long after they run past this mark. Mercury maintenance kits use manufacturer-certified components so that you can continue to service your outboard runner.

What kind of fuel mixture does a Mariner take?

Most outboard motors carrying the Mercury and Mariner names take a mixture of gas and oil. These outboard motors generally expect fuel to have around an 87-octane rating with no alcohol. Before fueling up your outboard motors, mix around 3 ounces of two-cycle oil with every gallon of gasoline. If you see a ratio that reads 50:1 on the outboard decal of any individual parts, then it refers to this general ratio of gas to oil.

What types of fuel filters work with Mariner outboard engines?

Mariner outboard engine filters are usually housed in metal canisters. Match the number on the outboard decal to the number on the canister to find the correct fit. These outboard filters usually hold a waterproof foam filtration unit that's designed specifically to work with the engine on a boat. While they might look slightly different from an automotive filter, you can install your boat filter on the outboard engine the same way you would on a car.

What kind of lubricant oil do outboard motor parts need?

Mercury recommends that all outboard motor components that carry the Mariner name get treated with proper marine oil. Marine oil is certified to work with outboard equipment. Regular motor oil can break down, which is why Mercury stresses using marine oil. Marine oil can also keep parts lubricated even when exposed to water, which is important when working with outboard motors.

Will replacing the CDI switch box start stuck outboard motors?

Depending on which year Mercury put out your Mariner device, it could become stuck and refuse to start. If this is because the switch box doesn't deliver power to the marine running gear, then replacing the box will get the crankshaft moving again. You might not even have to replace the whole Mercury power module if only the switch itself is burned out on your outboard motors.